You are an experienced IT expert. Why did you decide to continue your studying?

After graduation I started to work and it was difficult to combine the job with Master's program. However some time later I found out that software design needed more and more knowledge. It is impossible to be a top developer without constant upgrading of the skills. Furthermore it is necessary to choose the most perspective and relevant training courses. The education industry offers various programs and webinars, so it`s a great challenge to choose one of them. The courses offered by universities are very conservative but at the same time they give basic knowledge and necessary instruments of the further development.


Why did you chose ITMO University`s course?

I decided between several programs. Unlike other ones ITMO University`s program is completely distant. I obtained all necessary information about this Master`s program. Moreover, I was agreeably surprised by its` services. Dmitry Shuklin, head of Chair of Computer Engineering and Design, answered all my questions and even clarified the process of submission of foreign citizens. ITMO University is also in the top of ANABIN university ranking.


You have passed the firs exams. Did you face some problems connected with distant communication with lecturers?

I absolutely had no problems. We communicate with our professors through Vkontakte, by e-mail and Skype. The most important thing is that they answer all questions immediately. All lecturers have extensive educational and research experience. According to ANABIN ranking ITMO University is classified as “H+.” Thanks to this Master`s program I can schedule my time properly.


You`ve entered this program to receive new knowledge. How do you plan to put them into practice?

I try to put new knowledge into practice at once. Having taken a vector graphic course I turned all images of my project into vector based pictures so as to take into account technical features of retina displays. Thanks to the discipline called “systems analysis and modeling of information processes” I refreshed my knowledge of math. Thus I started to optimize my project by performance analysis of libraries and systems. Some subjects cannot be applied but they help to broaden the mind. I also pay attention to research. I am going to publish an article under the supervision of  Dmitry Shuklin.


IT is very popular field nowadays. Don`t you think that now there are too many IT experts?

Fortunately, IT is open for newcomers. Despite the fact that programming is extremely relevant this field needs high-grade specialists all round the world.


What is your prediction about the future of web development area?

A ten-year period is too long to make exact predictions. Today smart algorithms and devices based on machine learning are very popular. I suppose that these systems will be used in web development and also that one will apply user-oriented principle for web systems` developing.  

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