Basic clothes

Are you building a capsule wardrobe or simply missing some essential items for any occasion? Here are two clothing brands that will fill this gap. The first one, oh my, makes comfy clothes from natural fabrics to wear outside and at home. What’s convenient is they provide ready-made sets of basic items, like a pair of T-shirts, or a hoodie and sweatpants. Adept at minimalism, GATE31 is on a more high-end-ish side, offering plenty of clothes that look both basic and luxurious.


Every spring I’ve got the same longing for a dress, something light and dainty. In case you want one, too, check out the ones from Casseta. The brand claims that its items “resemble big white birds” and they really do feel like floating creatures. Even more dresses, rather bright, can be found at Iva Dress. They are mostly made with linen, one of the most comfortable and eco-friendly fabrics, and can also be tailored to your parameters.

Credit: Mitchell Griest (@griestprojects) via Unsplah (

Credit: Mitchell Griest (@griestprojects) via Unsplah (


Sometimes putting on your oversize hoodie is all it takes to feel comfortable during the day. And if you’re looking for clothes of this kind – bright shirts, T-shirts with bold graphics, or some cargo pants, surf the websites of these three brands: МЕЧ, Sputnik 1895, and Volchok. The first one offers cheerful items in all colors of the rainbow, while the rest stick to a black-and-white palette with a pinch of brutalism. Each brand offers a fresh and stylish take on street fashion within an affordable price range for both men and women.

Bags and backpacks

These are indispensable for carrying your stuff, especially for studies. There’s no doubt that tote bags are awesome, but in bad weather we need something more protective, especially if there’s a laptop involved. You will find a bunch of stylish leather backpacks at Virronen, and even more – at (SPUTNIK). Rest assured that these will compliment your outfit rather than become the center of it. On the contrary, bags that will become a focal point of your look thanks to their chic designer touch can be found at St. Pete-based Arny Praht.