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  • Discovery of the Month: Digital Budgeting, Wardrobe Revelations, and More

    Every month, we look back on all the things we’ve learned, experienced, and reconsidered over the past four weeks. From smarter ways to track your spending and maintaining mindfulness – to rethinking your ‘fit and kitchen hacks: though they may seem mundane, they’ve all made our lives a little bit better, and we believe they’ll do the same for you.


  • Modern Brands Inspired by Russian Culture and Folklore: Part II

    As promised, here’s the second part of our favorite folklore-inspired brands from Russia. This time, the list includes jewelry, ceramics, makeup, and clothing items designed with love for local traditions.


  • How Did People Dress in the USSR? Soviet Fashion Explained

    There’s a common notion that everyone dressed the same in Soviet times. Is this true? Let’s find out.


  • Fashion Police: Where Do ITMO Students Get Their Outfits?

    For this article, we pretended that we belonged in Vogue and went around the Lomonosova campus, asking our students about their OOTDs. Read on to discover where to shop for your next look – with bonus tips from yours truly.


  • 10 Russian Clothing Brands to Shop Online

    It’s finally spring, so it’s high time to show off your new outfits to the world. In addition to our article dedicated to St. Petersburg-based brands, we’ve compiled a list of Russian brands from around the country that are available online. Suit up!


  • 7 Russian Clothing Brands to Shop in St. Petersburg

    Need to revamp your wardrobe during your stay in Russia? Whether you’re getting ready for winter or looking for basic clothes, here are some shops to visit, from big names to local up-and-comers.


  • A Guide to Second-Hand Shopping in St. Petersburg

    Sometimes, thrifting is like treasure hunting: you need a little luck to find gold. As we can’t give you a recipe for the liquid luck potion, let us share some handy info and top locations for seeking vintage clothes – and other treasures – around the city.


  • Winter is Coming: Grab Some Warm Clothes

    Originally from Australia, I’ve lived through seven Russian winters now, including two in Siberia. After a lifetime of summers, to say that it was an adjustment is an understatement. As autumn gradually turns into winter, I find myself putting on more layers and discovering items of clothing that ten years ago I didn’t even know existed. This little guide documents my discovery of the cold and how to battle it. Russians sometimes say that there's no bad weather, there's inadequate gear. Although much of the following might be obvious to those already living in colder climates, it was new to me – and hopefully, to you!


  • ITMO Accelerator Winners on Their Virtual Dressing Room Project

    This summer, another season came to a close at ITMO Accelerator. At the final Demo Day, the first place went to EasyTry – a startup working on a virtual dressing room for online stores. Thanks to a new algorithm and a proprietary computer vision technology, the team’s app can grab clothes from one photo and transfer them to another. The algorithm doesn’t require any pre-made 3D models or multi-angled photos of the product. We spoke to Daniil Andreev, founder and CEO of EasyTry, about the project’s origins and how the developers overcame challenges to become breakout stars on the market.


  • Summer Decluttering: Clothes Edition

    If decluttering seems like a mammoth task and piles of your once-favorite clothes make your head spin, here are some handy-dandy tips and tricks on how to clean out your closet and help the planet by giving your belongings a second life.