ColorFest festival 

  • June 12-14, 3-6 pm each day
  • SKA Stadium 
  • 500 rubles (tickets available here)

Arguably, one of the best ways to greet summer is to throw paint all around you, turning your friends and yourself into bright iridescent sparks. This annual festival gives you just that opportunity – plus the chance to reconnect with your inner child and let it roam wild and free. These three hours of pure joy and positivity as you dance to the upbeat bops will charge you up for the three months ahead.

 Summer exhibition 

  • June 3-20
  • Radio House
  • 400-600 rubles (300 on weekdays) 

Originally part of the SPIEF 2021 cultural program, this exhibition is a collaboration between the musicAeterna orchestra and the Aksenov Family Foundation, which supports contemporary art initiatives. At the exhibition, you will get to see the works of Russian and international artists including Mat Collishaw, Erwin Wurm, Ilya Kabakov, and Erik Bulatov. Organizers also note that the exhibition will feature creations of Bill Viola, one of the most prominent contemporary video artists. It is also a chance to visit a historical building that has been turned into a modern interdisciplinary art center and gallery. 

UEFA Euro 2020 fan zone

After a year’s delay, St. Petersburg is finally ready to welcome the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship – you can already see the many stands, posters, and FAN ID centers all over the city. For the next month, it seems, the streets will be full of football enthusiasts celebrating one of the biggest events of this sport. If you want to join their ranks, the main fan zone of the city is ready to envelop you in this celebratory spirit, offering giant screens, food stalls, and Euro 2020 souvenirs. Don’t forget to be careful and wear your mask – and let there always be a great game.

Shintaro Ohata. The Place Where It Begins

Erarta is known for its unique exhibitions, and this one is no exception. Shintaro Ohata is a Japanese artist whose works combine paintings and sculpture to create this unique, almost-3D effect as you contemplate his creations in the gallery halls. By focusing on a single feeling and weaving it into every element of the painting, the artist makes you ponder on the value of separate moments in life. Discover the 24 cinematic works exhibited and you just might find your own “place where it begins.”