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  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About St. Petersburg

    What I love about St. Petersburg is the beautiful architecture, the canals inspired by Venice and Amsterdam, and the rich history. In the 4.5 years that I’ve lived here I also constantly see the city go through changes: the restaurant across from work, for example, has changed at least three times, and even the building I work in has changed significantly from when I first arrived. So I can barely imagine what surprising changes have taken place in the city since its founding in 1703.


  • New Academic Year Begins at ITMO: What to Expect

    The academic year at ITMO University starts on September 1, 2020. How will studies take place? Will I need to come to the university? When will I get the class schedule? Answers to these and other questions from students are available in this article.


  • This Mostly Stay-at-Home Weekend in St. Petersburg: August 8-9, 2020

    Brace yourselves, the weekend is coming! Awaiting us is an exciting program featuring a plethora of online events and one offline (eek!) paddleboarding festival. Have fun (and maybe also nip to the park for some fresh air if you’re feeling like it – wearing a mask and keeping your distance, of course)!


  • Song of the Month: July 2020

    July’s time is running out (you can’t push it underground, etc. etc.) – so here’s an overview of songs we’ve especially favored throughout the month!


  • Researchers Develop Supersensitive Method to Measure Surface Topography With THz Radiation

    The method allows scientists to get an image close to a holographic one in its properties but with less energy input. In theory, the method could be applied in industrial quality control or acquiring images of concealed objects, for instance, in transillumination of envelopes. 


  • How and Why Do Scientists Create Nanorobots?

    We can often read about nanorobots in various scientific articles. They are said to be one of the most promising tools to combat serious diseases. But what are nanorobots? In this article, ITMO.NEWS joined forces with Diana Markozashvili, participant of the ITMO Fellowship and Professorship program, to answer all your questions on the topic.


  • This Mostly-Stay-At-Home Weekend in St. Petersburg: More Parks

    The weather is not very summer-y at the moment, and you still need to be careful and keep your distance on any kind of outing, but if you do venture out for a walk these days, here is another selection of St. Petersburg’s parks you might want to visit. 


  • St. Petersburg's Nobel Prize Legacy

    Did you know that Russia has given the world over 20 Nobel Prize winners? A good half of them come from St. Petersburg, the cradle of Russian science. Here, we've chosen our top five laureates who worked or lived in St. Petersburg and who have undoubtedly changed the world in their respective areas.


  • ITMO University’s Work Schedule for July 26 – August 16

    The coronavirus-imposed restrictions in St. Petersburg continue to be gradually lifted. However, the epidemiological situation could still worsen. Therefore, in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and the order of the St. Petersburg Government, from July 26 till August 16 ITMO University will continue working remotely for the most part. ITMO University Rector Vladimir Vasilyev has already signed the corresponding order.


  • This Mostly Stay-at-Home Weekend in St. Petersburg: Mental Health

    Taking care of your mental health is always important, especially given that the past few months have left many of us a bit worse for wear. Here is an assortment of free online courses to help. And should you want to venture further into the fascinating world of psychology, make sure to also check out this article to learn how our memory works and how to make it work better.