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  • Urban Beauty: Where to Find Street Art in St. Petersburg

    Are you ready to become a street art enthusiast? In this introduction to the world of urban creative expression in St. Petersburg, we will help you get from “I know nothing about street art” to “street art connoisseur” through links to useful locations and tips on how to spot the next masterpiece of St. Pete’s Banksy.


  • Traveling at the Speed of Light: What Is Special Relativity?

    In 1915, Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity famously revolutionized our understanding of gravity. However, it’s a lesser-known fact that special relativity was the precursor of this discovery. In this article, we talk to Georgy Sizykh, a PhD student at ITMO’s Faculty of Physics, about the way the theory of special relativity came to be, how it can help us slow down aging, and what is the connection between space and time.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: August 20-21, 2022

    Another weekend around the corner – another guide from us to the best events in the city. This week, we’ve got many outdoor events and learning opportunities, as well as an exhibition full of mysteries. Let’s go!


  • ITMO Scientists Find a New Way to Control Topological States

    A research team from ITMO University, Australian National University, and Tel Aviv University has experimentally demonstrated a new approach to the creation and control of configurable photonic structures with fixed topology. The key lies in the physical properties of resonators.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #12

    Thinking about moving into the metaverse? In our latest science news roundup, we’ve got: answers to all your questions about the virtual world, a new Master’s track, an upcoming online learning platform from ITMO, and a summary of the university’s historical 24-hour science marathon.


  • Russian Team Triumphs at International Olympiad in Informatics 2022

    The team is headed by Andrey Stankevich, a star coach and associate professor at ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty.


  • ITMO Physicists Create Unclonable Anti-Counterfeiting Silicon Labels

    Scientists from ITMO University developed unclonable anti-counterfeiting labels, which are based on silicon nanoparticles modified with a laser. It’s impossible to change the color, structure, and location of the particles: these parameters are random, which makes the label safe from counterfeiting. In order to check if it’s authentic, all you need to do is upload its picture into a special program.


  • What Is the Metaverse?

    These days, metauniverse is a buzzword and is often used in entertainment. Fashion companies create unique outfits for virtual avatars, celebrities launch NFTs and perform live in metaworlds – even new metabanks and metahotels are opening online. But does the metaverse hold a promise for science and education? Will we one day have a meta-ITMO? And how will the associated technologies change in the near future? Let’s answer these questions with Alexander Kapitonov, dean of the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies. 


  • Unique VR Experiences Created by ITMO Students

    If you’ve ever wanted to cook in the kitchen from Ratatouille, travel to the past, or peek inside the human body, you can now do that with projects developed by graduates of ITMO’s Computer Technologies in Design Bachelor’s program. Read on for backstage development stories of Matrix-inspired virtual realities and cartoon-like sets.


  • Find Us at @itmo_uni

    As of yesterday, you can find ITMO University’s official English social media pages under the new @itmo_uni handle, including VK, Twitter, and Telegram. But how did this name come to be and what does it actually stand for?