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  • Learn to Grow Your Business While Caring for the Planet at ITMO

    Sustainable Development and Environmental Management is a new Master’s program that’s just launched at ITMO. There, you’ll get to learn to implement green technologies in production and develop sustainable business strategies that account for not only generating income but also the effect on society and environment. Created in collaboration with industrial partners, this program is oriented towards solving actual challenges that companies are facing today. Read on to learn more.


  • Teaching AI to Discover New Laws of Nature

    At ITMO, scientists have developed a digital tool called EPDE that can identify new laws of nature; it describes its findings using mathematical equations and even provides possible solutions. ITMO.NEWS talked to Alexander Khvatov, the head of the Laboratory for Composite AI, about the creation of the new tool, its successes, and possible new applications.


  • Russian Spots Around the World

    We’ve already told you about the many incredible landmarks to visit in St. Petersburg and all around the country. But today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most impressive, unusual, or obscure places across the globe that, too, can provide a glimpse of Russian culture, history, and architecture.


  • Technologies and Humans in Conversation: Yandex Museum & ITMO Partner Up for Contemporary Art Exhibition

    The exhibition Digital Refractions invites its guests to discover new senses via technologies. You’ll get to touch the surface of the ocean, create a digital avatar, and even experience the world as an embryo. There are seven installations in total, all created by students and graduates of ITMO’s Art & Science Center and its partners. Read on to learn what else awaits you at the exhibition.


  • Switcheroo: ITMO Deans Manage Student Services Office for a Week

    ITMO’s Student Services Office offers a “one-stop” online and offline service where students can request academic documents or solve other related matters. For one week in April, deans of ITMO University faculties had the chance to get an insider’s view on the office’s workload by working as its managers. What was the purpose of this experiment, what were its results, and why introduce such practices at universities? Read on to find out.


  • This Week in St. Petersburg: May 9-15, 2024

    Starting with Victory Day tomorrow, this week brings yet another change to our regular work schedule – which means even more opportunities to explore everything the city has to offer. From exhibitions to concerts and film screenings, you’ll find it all in our regular guide.


  • ITMO Receives 5 Million Rubles to Support Young Scientists

    ITMO University has won the competition of student research associations organized by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The university will use its 5-million-ruble grant to fund an international conference of young sciences, a career fair, a competition for the best scientific project, and nine other events that will help students find like-minded peers and boost their research skills.


  • ITMO – Best in Russia in Engineering Sciences

    In the latest subject university ranking (link in Russian) by the analytics center Expert, ITMO University came at the top in Engineering Sciences and Materials Sciences. It’s the fourth year in a row that the university maintains its leadership in the ranking, which evaluates the scientific output of Russian universities.


  • Going Wireless: Businesses Discuss Advances in Energy Tech

    Wireless power transfer (WPT) helps cut down on dangerous emissions and improve quality of life; however, this technology isn’t widespread in Russia and needs improvements. ITMO University, MTS, and other tech companies recently held a roundtable discussion on new solutions for the WPT market and presented Russian solutions for industry and transportation. Read on to find out more about the technologies used in WPT and the challenges faced by developers in the field.


  • The City of Superlatives: Firsts in St. Petersburg

    Recently, we told you all about the smallest landmarks in St. Petersburg – go here if you’ve missed this story. Today, we are exploring the city’s (and sometimes the country’s!) firsts! By the end of this article, you’ll learn enough cool facts to surprise your friends at the next party.