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  • ITMO Professor Alexander Boukhanovsky on How AI Can Help Economy in Crisis

    Recently, Alexander Boukhanovsky, head of ITMO’s School of Translational Information Technologies, received renewed funding from Russian Science Foundation for his project in predictive modeling in economics. In this interview, ITMO.NEWS asked Prof. Boukhanovsky about his project and the role AI might play in economics.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: February 27-28, 2021

    It’s time to celebrate the winter’s last weekend! We have very nearly got through it and it’s only logical to see February off in style. A flower festival, a flea market, a jazz concert, or an analog photography exhibition – which one will you choose? Whatever it is, you are bound to enjoy it! 


  • ITMO Wins Grand Prix of National PR Award Silver Archer

    ITMO University’s admission campaign DIGITAL NATIVE was named Russia’s best communication project of 2020. ITMO also became the first university to ever receive the Silver Archer award. 


  • ITMO Student Wins NOAA Machine Learning Competition

    Ammar Ali, a Master’s student at ITMO’s Information Technology and Programming Faculty, took first place in the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) competition where he had to create a model that predicts disturbances in the Earth’s geomagnetic field. 


  • ITMO Holds First Hack for Your Success Hackathon

    Winners of the contest got the chance to enroll in one of the three corporate Master’s programs of ITMO’s Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems. 


  • Do TikTokers Need Diplomas? ITMO Hosts Clubhouse Discussion on the Future of Higher Education

    Well-known Russian entrepreneurs and representatives of major online learning platforms discussed their views on education, the role of diplomas in today’s world, and the need for universities to reconsider their approach to the learning process.


  • SCAMT Workshop Week Takes Place at ITMO University

    ITMO University hosted the sixth school by the SCAMT institute. Almost 50 participants from all over Russia gained experience in the various fields of research offered at the ChemBio cluster.


  • Organizing Your References 101: Apps and Tips

    Writing a thesis is almost always a combination of the joy of discovery and the stress of putting it into words, which is made worse by the scary monster of references. Where to look for sources? How not to drown in them? How to properly use them in your paper? Despair not! You’ll be amazed at how easy and satisfying it is to conquer it all, step by step.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: February 13-14, 2021

    As St. Petersburg is gradually becoming a branch of the Antarctic, we are cosily bundling up in our scarves that gradually become blankets. We truly get it if you would rather spend this weekend at home, but if you do want to peek out for a while, here are our top picks (if you pardon the pun) for what to do in the city. Stay warm – and enjoy! 


  • ITMO Staff and Students Launch New Popular Science Project on War History

    Having secured the special Seed Grants funding from the university’s Digital Humanities Research Center, ITMO students and staff members are launching a new popular science project with a focus on history. There, they teach neural networks to “reimagine” the letters sent from the battlegrounds during World War II to attract the public to the challenge of keeping alive the memory of the WWII heroes and victims.