New Holland Island International Debut Film Festival

All movie lovers, this is your moment! The ongoing International Debut Film Festival will introduce you to fiction, documentary, and experimental cinema from every part of the globe. Review the festival’s extensive program to find something you’ll enjoy: American melancholic and unhurried tales, Georgian romantic stories, or maybe Australian movies about twentysomethings? All films are screened in the original language with Russian subtitles (the program features a selection of films in English). 

Digital Twins exhibition

With new places that keep popping up in the city, you can always spend your long-awaited weekend exploring them, even more so, when you can do it digitally. The freshly-opened Zifergauz gallery, hidden on the one and only New Holland Island, celebrates its launch with a mind-blowing art exhibition called Digital Twins. The artists invite visitors to not only see the new space but become part of the exhibition. Let a neural network create your digital avatar and be amazed by this one-of-a-kind interactive experience: change the reality with your movements. Plus, check out two other permanent art installations, Kaleidoscope, the Dome, and Eye.

X-Ray Men by Nick Veasey

Well, we weren’t lying when we said: “see right through objects”. Starting on October 8, you have the chance to see the world, hidden and unseen, in X-ray vision at the X-Ray Men exhibition. What can’t we see with our own eyes? What is inside that car? And what is hidden in a flower? British photographer Nick Veasey masterfully blends art and science to capture the mysterious yet fascinating and often surprising nature of everyday objects, from flowers and teddy bears to cars and even planes full of people. 

Market by the Sea

Some traditions are here to stay! Market by the Sea is back in town this weekend, with a festive atmosphere, live music, handy lectures, and workshops. As always, the market will offer an abundance of handmade ceramics, jewelry, clothing, beauty products, vinyl records, books, and more. Here, you can find eco-friendly products and pieces, each with its own story. Aside from a unique selection, don’t miss the chance to dive into the world of fashion, contemporary art, and cinema by attending a broad choice of lectures and workshops.