Grinland exhibition

Whether you’re a bookworm or not, here is your chance to (re)open the door to the world of Russian literature – both figuratively and literally. The Grinland exhibition is dedicated to the life and works of Alexander Grin, a Russian writer most notable for his romantic novels and short stories. His tale of The Scarlet Sails, beloved by adults and children alike, became a symbol of dreams, freedom, and unwavering faith and inspired one of the city’s most popular traditions – a school graduation festival. The interactive exhibition invites you to set off on a journey created by the author: enjoy a large-scale mock-up of the fairytale land, see rare photos from the family collection, and introduce yourself to the author’s literary legacy, starting from his first poems and reviews and moving on to recognized masterpieces (in the original).

Italiae. From Alinari to the Masters of Contemporary Photography

  • July 30 - August 31, Tue, Thu, and Fri 12-9 pm, other days - 11 am - 7 pm
  • 150 rubles (100 rubles for students)

Italy… delicious food and wine, live music, and, of course, breathtaking scenery. This weekend, you’re fortunate to find a little bit of Italy right in the heart of St. Petersburg. Would you love to conquer Italy’s highest peaks covered in snow and glaciers? Find yourself roaming its cozy streets on a sweltering day? Or learn what its busiest cities looked like? Luckily, you can have it all. Bringing together over 120 works, the soon-to-be-opened exhibition will let you see the Apennine Peninsula in all its charm and diversity. 

New Skin: The Myth of the Technological Body

What kind of a weekend is it without contemporary art? From July 22 to August 22, Sevkabel Port will host the winning projects of the Nova Art Contest that brought together 660 artists from Russia, Europe, the US, and Canada – only 12 artists had the chance to present their works at the exhibition in St. Petersburg. Investigating the relationship between the human body and technology, the artists cover the topic from various perspectives and invoke the concept of a new ecological identity. The exhibition features miniature versions of the artists’ projects that will then be brought to life in full size.

Acousmonium: International Festival of Spatial Electronic Music

Music lovers, no worries! We’ve got you covered, too. If your playlists are getting mundane and you’re in search of inspiration, this music festival is your lucky chance. Acousmonium is the first of its kind loudspeaker orchestra for electronic acousmatic music that was invented in 1974 by French composer François Bayle. The orchestra brings together from 40 to 60 loudspeakers varied in shape, size, and features so that a performer (projectionist) can create completely new sounds.