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  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: August 13-14, 2022

    Crafts and flower festivals, golden art, and the best soundtracks of all time – this weekend is promising to be hot!


  • Student Spotlight: Kaykhan Noyan, Afghanistan

    Motivation plays a big role in determining one’s course of action. For Kaykhan, the motivation to study in Russia came from the movies. Growing up as a child in Afghanistan, he watched numerous Russian movies that instilled in him a strong feeling of love and belonging toward the country. To fulfill his dream of living in Russia, Kaykhan enrolled in ITMO’s Bachelor's Program in Computer Systems and Technologies. What has he been up to since? Read on to find out.


  • Song of the Month: July 2022

    In our latest musical digest, we’ve shared some of the songs that helped us focus and relax this month.


  • Song of the Month: June 2022

    It seems like the first summer month has almost passed! As always, we’ve made a compilation of our musical favorites that were a soundtrack to this June.


  • Song of the Month: May 2022

    We’re happy to share our May playlist, on which you’ll find TV soundtracks, upbeat indie bangers, and dreamy tunes that helped us stay inspired this month and hopefully will do the same to you.


  • Song of the Month: April 2022

    Our editorial team’s monthly digest of musical favorites is here! Tune in to check out what we’ve been enjoying this April.


  • Music Streaming Services to Use in Russia

    With some of the major streaming services leaving the market, what are the current ways to keep enjoying your favorite tracks? Find out in our article.


  • Song of the Month: March 2022

    Nostalgic, heartfelt, goosebump-inducing and more – here is what our March was like in tunes, melodies, and lyrics. 


  • Song of the Month: February 2022

    As we say goodbye to winter, we look onward – to a brighter, sunnier time of renewal and growth. Join us as we share the songs that have given us joy and hope this month.


  • 5 Russian Must-Know Singers Topping the Charts

    Who would make it to the Russian Coachella if there ever was one? Who is at the top of Russian TikTok fame? Who are the people most of your Russian groupmates would have on Spotify? Here’s our take on who to stream in the Russian music industry now.