Synthesis: winners exhibitions

The art space Zifergauz invites you to experience the best moments in media art from 2022 at the Synthesis exhibition. With several artist-centric areas offered, the exhibition explores a range of topics following the path of each artist: symbiosis by Anastasia Konyukhova, a forest recreated by Polina Limye, the awe-inspiring worldview of Artem Morozov, light movement with Victor Polyakov, an augmented reality by Kirill Rave, and light-colored landscapes by Vasilissa Savrasova

Popcorn Market

This weekend, Sevkabel Port will be brimming with stalls from around 150 Russian creators. From matching T-shirts to custom Morse code bracelets, Popcorn Market will feature a sweeping canvas of items to browse through, in addition to a food court for varied dining experiences, some eye-opening workshops, and live music sessions in-between.

Atlas of Flora

What can we learn from nature? And what will we leave behind? The answers to these intriguing questions, as well as musings on human connection with diverse natural phenomena and processes, will await you at the exhibition Atlas of Flora, which will continue for two more weeks. The exhibition presents a display of forged metal pieces, as well as collages and paintings on the subject created by a group of local artists. 

Metarealism in Belarusian photography. 1980-1990s

  • Until March 19, 11 am - 7 pm (Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun), 12-9 pm (Tue, Thu, Fri)
  • 200 rubles (150 rubles for students) – purchase here

Meet acclaimed talents and glimpse into the past at the ongoing exhibition at ROSPHOTO. Featuring over 140 photographs, the display introduces audiences to an iconic photographer trio from Belarus and showcases the key works from across their artistic career.