Garage Sale

If you’re new to garage sales, then this is your chance to set off on a new journey, and if not, you know the drill. This weekend, thrift shopping is happening. Whether you’re a fan of European and American vintage clothing or have an eye on antique books and vinyl records, and even perfume – you’re bound to find anything your heart desires. But that’s not it… there will also be pink fur coats, neon sculptures, and ducks? These guys never cease to amaze us. So, if you’re interested, get ready to grab some awesome bargains and have a good time. 

Public Art festival

If you’re a lover of secret locations, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to participate in a public art festival right in the heart of the city. The hidden courtyard of the State Academic Capella once again becomes an open-air museum, which features art objects created by artists of various styles. This is a place where the classic meets the contemporary, and you can witness two worlds blending simply while walking by. 

Photography exhibition

  • August 19 - September 19, 11 am - 7 pm (Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun) and 12-9 pm (Tue, Thu, Fri)
  • 150 rubles (100 rubles for students)

What can be better than spending your day off contemplating art? If you’re the same, then you should add this one to your go-to places for this weekend. On August 19, the ROSPHOTO Exhibition Center opens the first-ever display of photos captured by Sergey Osmachkin, a contemporary photographer from Samara, Russia. Featuring over 100 monochromatic images, the exhibition invites visitors to look at life laterally by reliving and thus rethinking everyday moments.

Art exhibition

Calling all history buffs – this one's for you! If you’re into Russian history and Soviet art, then you should definitely a) visit the Museum of Political History of Russia and b) grab a ticket for one of its soon-to-be-open exhibitions. The new exhibition will bring together paintings, graphic works, and posters of the period of perestroika and the 1990s. A major theme running through the artworks is a dialog between the present and the past: old and new idols, symbols of a dying era and coming changes, troubled past and multifaceted present.