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  • Neurofestival 2019: Neurotechnology in Education, Sports and HR

    Last weekend, the Neurofestival 2019 took place in St. Petersburg, an event dedicated to new trends in the field of neuroanalysis and similar technologies. Read about the products presented by various companies in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Paws of Help: ITMO University Students Hold Charity Festival for Animal Shelters

    The founders of ITMO University student club Paws of Help have recently held a festival in St. Petersburg featuring a concert, workshops, lectures and quests. The mission of the event was to draw attention to the problems of animal shelters in the city. ITMO.NEWS talked to the organizers of the event about the idea of the festival, as well as their challenges and plans for the future.


  • ITMO University Students at Rukami Festival in Moscow

    A group of ITMO University students was named among the winners of the Rukami international festival of technologies and ideas, which was recently held in Moscow. ITMO.NEWS asked the students about their preparation process, team management and why good city lamps really matter. 


  • 2019 Light Nights in Gatchina: Projects by ITMO Participants

    On August 16-17, 2019, the annual international festival of light art “Light Nights in Gatchina” took place at the Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum. Each year, the festival brings together students of Russian and international universities, artists, designers, multimedia professionals and creative collectives and design studios from Russia, Europe and beyond. 2019 has been the third year that the students of ITMO University’s Master’s program “Lighting Design” participate in the official selection of the international festival. This year, it was ITMO’s students Lyubov Angelova, Mikhail Andreev, and graduate Valeria Molodovskaya that took part in the event’s art residency. 


  • Architectural Plan of ITMO Highpark Shortlisted for World Architecture Festival Award

    The architectural plan for the ITMO Highpark innovations center has been shortlisted for the 2019 World Architecture Festival Award. A total of 534 projects from 70 countries made it to the list of potential winners, competing for the Grand Prix and the title of “Building of the Year”.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: June 12 and June 15-16

    We Russians love public holidays, we really do: after all, what can be better than an extra day off? Only an extra day off during the white nights in St. Petersburg, when you can boat through the canals, watch the bridges being drawn, and walk all through the night. June 12 is exactly that kind of day, because this is when people celebrate Russia Day, which means that there’ll be no shortage of cool events for you to attend.


  • Smoke and Mirrors: ITMO’s Lighting Designers to Present Projects at Light Nights in Gatchina Festival

    Why technologies matter but maybe not so much, what inspires the creative youth of today, and how better to use lighting designers’ main tool of trade: these are some of the questions ITMO.NEWS asked the students and graduates of ITMO University’s Master’s program in Lighting Design. Their innovative projects were selected as art residents of this year’s international festival “Light Nights in Gatchina”, which will take place on August 16-17. 


  • Summer Festivals in St. Petersburg

    Ah, summer. It’s a wonderful time, and what better way to spend it than out and about, taking in the rare St. Petersburg sunshine and enjoying new experiences? Here’s a rundown of this summer’s hottest (hah!) events, from film and music festivals to celebrations of food, art, and technology.


  • Science Fest: Future is Here

    Science Fest, a grandiose celebration of science, has yet again been hosted in St. Petersburg. Held on September 22-23, the event spread over ten unique spaces in the city: the usual Planetarium and Lumiere Hall were joined by the museums of optics, cosmonautics, and railway transport, the Lenpoligraphmash creative space, the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, and the landmark Annenkirche church. The extensive program reflected the festival’s key message: science is a valued contributor to all aspects of our life.


  • Grand Chess Fest: ITMO Participants On Noble Game’s Unfading Appeal

    This past weekend, the Grand Chess Fest, a grandiose chess celebration bringing together professionals and amateurs alike, was held in St. Petersburg. The busy festival program included a high-profile chess tournament which saw ITMO University chess team taking first prize among business teams. ITMO.NEWS met the team members to find out what sparked their interest in chess and why this ancient game still maintains its appeal. 


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