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  • ITMO.GO: Thousands of First-Year Students Join ITMO University

    ITMO.GO is an annual event for welcoming new members to the ITMO.FAMILY, a community of staff, students, graduates, partners, and friends of ITMO University. This year’s celebration was attended by more than 5,000 people including ITMO Bachelor's, Master's and PhD  first-year students. Keeping totradition, the grandiose open-air event was held at the square in front of the Baltic House theater in the verdured setting of Alexandrovsky park. The festivity was as fun as it was informative; ITMO newcomers not only had the chance to let their hair down before the start of their new academic adventure, but also learned about the exciting opportunities the university offers, enrolled into ITMO’s artistic and sport clubs, and enjoyed a virtual bike ride with the Rector.


  • Schrödinger’s Paradox and Doctor Faustus’ Lab: the Many Faces of “Gatchina Light Nights”

    This weekend, Gatchina hosted “Gatchina Light Nights ”, the 5th international festival of light art. Annually attended by thousands of people, this year’s event was even more special as for the first time ever, it lasted not one day, but two. Audiences were presented with more than 30 unique light art objects made by Russian and international artists, architects, as well as lighting and stage designers. Keeping to the tradition, an international competition of light installations was held as part of the festival. It featured two light installations created by students of ITMO University’s Department of Creative Lighting Design.


  • VK Fest: Hi-Tech Entertainment, VR Gaming and ITMO Zone

    This summer’s largest open air, the VK Fest, is taking place in St. Petersburg. Popular bloggers, actors, athletes, artists and musicians performed on stage and conducted workshops. As usual, ITMO University participated in the festival with its own interactive zone. This year, it included three major sites: a future career expo, University of Children’s lectorium and a technological playroom.


  • Rain Falling Upwards and “Critique of Pure Reason”: a Guide to “Gatchina Lightnights”

    On August 10-11, Gatchina will host the Lightnights international festival of light art. 37 art objects designed by artists from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, and Finland will be presented at the festival. Master’s students from ITMO’s Department of Creative Lighting Design will also take part in the event. Rain going upside down, rethinking of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, and many other stunning art objects by designers and architects from all over the world. Don’t miss out on the fun!


  • Campus Festival: How Studying Emotions Helps Urban Developers

    What are the rules and methods of creating the optimal urban environment? What is it that specialists from the Quality of Life laboratory do? And how can the citizens’ emotions help to develop new projects and urban development concepts? Aleksandra Nenko, head of the laboratory and Associate Professor at the Institute of Design & Urban Studies, expanded on the importance of art development and the collaboration of business and creative teams during an open interview at the Campus festival, while ITMO.NEWS put down the main ideas.


  • ITMO.Live 2018: Graduates Celebrate at Peter and Paul Fortress

    This year, was the third time that ITMO University graduates celebrated their graduation in the very heart of St. Petersburg, near the walls of Peter and Paul Fortress. This time, Bachelor's students were also invited to the ceremony. The massive ITMO.Live open-air festival has been traditionally held on July's first Saturday, and brought together students, citizens, and the university's friends. Vladimir Vasilyev, ITMO University’s Rector, presented diplomas to the best graduates and got to feel what being a standup comedian is like while performing on the event's main stage. Over 3,000 participants, including recent graduates and guests, gathered at the interactive zone where they could try innovative ice-cream, listen to live performances, take memorable photos and cover themselves with tattoo stickers by ITMO University


  • Science Fest 2017: Space, Big Data and VR

    Last weekend, yet another Science Fest took place in St. Petersburg.  As  this time the event was hosted at the recently-opened planetarium, guests were able to watch full-dome popular science films about space and space exploration. Adherents of “hard” science could also attend lectures on modern technology, the capabilities of hybrid intelligence and Big Data, while those who thrive for new experiences could try out VR apps and see a hologram of R2-D2 at ITMO University’s interactive zone.


  • RoboFinist Festival: Teaching Robotics to Kids

    Teachers and educators from all over the country gathered at the International Robotics Festival RoboFinist to discuss how to teach robotics in schools and make children interested in engineering and programming. The festival’s program included a roundtable discussion on the international experience in educational robotics, a symposium and competitions in several dozen categories. At the event, ITMO University had its own area where visitors could try out 3D-pens, look at holograms and get involved in childrens’ robotics.


  • Science Film for the Modern Viewer

    The 12th International Science Film Festival “World of Knowledge” took place in St. Petersburg on October 18 to 20. This year’s topic was Ecology. The festival presented scientific and educational films from Russia, France, Germany, Australia, Spain, the UK and others. The program included a film competition, a separate short film program, scientific lectures, workshops and talks on ecology, film and art. Several screenings were held at ITMO University. ITMO.NEWS visited the festival and asked the guests what they look for in modern science films and how it can appeal to a mass audience.


  • Youth Foresight Festival Tackles Future of Transportation

    Last night, at Peter and Paul fortress in St. Petersburg, a special opening of the Russian Youth Foresight Festival “Pravo Rulya” [or “Go Starboard!”] took place. The festival is devoted to transport and traffic. ITMO University’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations (FTMI), St. Petersburg’s Education Committee and St. Petersburg’s City Youth Art Palace are organizing the event for the second time for school and university students from the ages of 7 to 25. The festival will go on for an entire week, during which future transport systems will be discussed. ITMO.NEWS writes about the opening and what to expect in 2050.


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