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  • Giant Paper Plane Dives in at Red Bull Flugtag

    Flugtag is a festival of creativity, engineering and, naturally, flying -  or at least trying to. Its participants create improvised flying machines, and boost them from a high pier into the water; the main condition is that they can only use muscle power as their "engines". And though the flight distance is among the assessment criteria, it is by no way the main thing: most of the machines ended up in the water soon after leaving the take-off strip. What's a lot more important is their appearance, the participant's performances and just having fun. Read more about Red Bull Flugtag-2017 in ourarticle.


  • The Night of Light: Gatchina Hosts International Light Art Festival

    This year marks the fourth time that the Night of Light took place in Gatchina; yet, this time was special - the event has changed its format and grew into a full-fledged Light Art festival. 14 light installations from the festival's contestants and more than twenty exhibits of the non-competition program were placed all around Gatchina's Palace Park. ITMO University's Higher School of Light Design acted as the festival's partner and submitted four of its projects for the unique festival.


  • SHA2017: Summer Camp for Hackers

    Once every four years, a hacker camp is set up in the Netherlands, open to all visitors. This year, hacking enthusiasts from all over the world flocked to a location near Amsterdam. In search of new experiences Oleg Zaytsev, a Master’s student at ITMO University’s High-Performance Computations Department, went to one of the world’s biggest hacking conventions. We talked to him about what makes hacking parties so special and the things that make today’s “cyber-pirates” worried or happy.


  • Starcon 2017: From Space Travel to 3D Printing

    The largest Russian festival of science fiction, fantasy, film and science is going to be held for the 18th time on July 28 to 30. Over three days, the guests can visit booths and shops, take part in quests and attend lectures. ITMO University has set up its own booth in the Science section. Visitors will be able to repair a spaceship, become a space captain, learn to control light or use a 3D-printer.


  • “Night of Light” in Gatchina

    On the night of August 12 to August 13, the “Night of Light” will be held in the town of Gatchina. This year the event will expand significantly and turn into a full-fledged festival of light art. The territory of the Gatchina State Museum-Reserve will be home to 20 light installations by participants from Russia and Lithuania; 20 more installations will be presented outside of the main competition. This year’s theme is “Laboratory of Dreams”. Students from ITMO’s Higher School of Lighting Design will present three projects at the festival; their works are included in the short-list for the light installation competition that will be held during the event. We talked to the teams to learn more about their projects and find out about their meaning and structure.


  • First Day of VK Fest: Sports of the Future

    St. Petersburg is host to the annual VK Fest. Bloggers, artists, athletes, craftsmen and musicians  made popular by the Internet perform onstage and hold workshops. ITMO University participates in VK Fest as well, setting up its own interactive zone. This year, the theme dominating ITMO University’s space is virtual sports. Visitors can try boxing and hang gliding, riding a bike and diving into the water - all in the same spot - just by putting on VR-goggles. Within its interactive zone, the University has also organized workshops on beginner robotics, 3D-printing, drones, gigantic spinners and hacking practices inspired by the “Mr. Robot” TV series.


  • Second Day of Geek Picnic: Evolution, Rats and Superstition

    How do humans fare in isolation, why do some believe in the supernatural or even see faces on the surface of Mars? Why does one need to understand the theory of relativity and what is a neurotheatre? The Geek Picnic festival has come to an end. Thousands of guests had the opportunity to attend dozens of venues, hear stories and news from the fields of science, gaming and technology and meet famous scientists and science writers, program their own chameleon-lamp and build a custom rocket. Read on to find out more about the things one could see, hear, taste and touch on the festival’s closing day.


  • Campus Festival: How to Learn About Science at a Bar

    How to discover a platinum field, why scientists can’t replicate more than half of their experiments and what is hidden behind the petroglyphs of North Europe and the treasures of the Hermitage? Last Friday, seven bars of St. Petersburg turned into an educational space for just one night. All in all, 12 lectures were given throughout the city. Vladimir Borisov, postgraduate student at ITMO University’s Department of Photonics and Optical Information Technologies, explained the construction of a laser and the concepts of holographic memory and supercontinuum, while Varvara Lymar, research fellow at ITMO University’s Institute of Design and Urban Studies, gave her thoughts on what could be done with St. Petersburg’s industrial areas. ITMO.NEWS paid a visit to the young scientists’ lectures and found out what a scientific gathering at a bar looks like and why this format is becoming ever more popular.


  • Find Your Piece in the St. Petersburg City Day Puzzle

    Tomorrow, on May 27th, it's the City Day - our Northern Capital turns 314! Each year, St. Petersburg’s citizens and guests participate in the citywide celebration, which involves all kinds of attractions and events. In fact, there are so many of them that it can be hard to just make your choice! We’ve decided to mention some of the events we liked, so choose your piece of the St. Petersburg City Day puzzle, and prepare for an unforgettable experience.


  • ITMO.START — the Academic Festival for School Students at ITMO University

    ITMO University opened its research laboratories and student workshops for school students. The children participated in science shows and learned of the opportunities the university offers. Many decided to join courses at ITMO after the festival.