Pavlovsk Coffee & Jazz Festival

  • September 24-25, 12 pm - 6 pm
  • Pavlovsk Park
  • 150 rubles (park entrance fee; concert tickets are sold separately)

This is a festival for all lovers of jazz, who will have the chance to hear the sounds of their favorite music genre amongst the cozy autumnal colors abundant at Pavlovsk Park. Acclaimed performers and young artists will be performing all around the garden, with special performances, such as Jazz Non-Stop, organized at select locations (you can get tickets to these shows here). At the festival, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a long walk with a cup of coffee to the pleasantly romantic sounds of jazz.

Garage Sail at Sevkabel Port

This regular event at Sevkabel Port is your chance to find some stunning outfits for this autumn hidden somewhere on the clothing racks that will once again fill the spacious former factory. St. Pete’s local second-hand shops, charities, as well as regular citizens will offer shirts, coats, boots, sneakers, etc. that might well become your lucky item, having first served well for someone else. Moreover, thanks to the Tolkovo project, you will also be able to hand in your clothes and earn bonus points that you can spend on purchases at partner companies or donate to charities. And if you get hungry, you will be able to grab a snack or get coffee from one of the local cafes.

The Lord of the Rings Concert: Music from Hollywood

Sonorous, a brand new chamber orchestra founded by young musicians of St. Petersburg, is ready to transport you to the mesmerizing world of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy this Saturday. Don’t miss this chance to relive this legendary saga once again to the sounds of the original score composed by Howard Shore in a new chamber rendition. 

Gianmaria Potenza. Piccola Bellezza

  • 24 August – 20 November
  • Erarta Museum
  • 600-1,000 (includes an annual pass)

Gianmaria Potenza is a contemporary Italian artist and sculptor who creates pieces that seem to bridge time. In his works, you will find an abundance of color, as well as allusions to different art forms and tarot cards. One of the main inspirations behind the artist’s creations is Venice, his home city. This might be something to keep in mind as you stroll down the exhibition hall, trying to piece together the vision conveyed in each of the presented works.