Thursday, July 11 

Cardio in the morning – hanbok exhibition in the afternoon

It’s a well-known fact that if you start your day with a mood-boosting training session, it can’t go wrong. This Thursday, you have the chance to kick your day off with bodycombat, a martial arts-inspired type of cardio. Get ready for some energetic moves!

And while you are on Vasileostrovsky Island, why not drop by the exclusive hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) exhibition at ArtMuza? Among the exhibits are creations of esteemed Korean designer Lee Young Ae chosen to reflect the color pattern of each season, modern hanboks, wedding attire, as well as unique hanboks created by students of the Higher Institute of Design and Engineering in St. Petersburg that incorporate traditional Russian patterns. The exhibit is open for six days only, so don’t miss your chance to visit it!

Friday, July 12

Pushkinskaya 10. 21st Century Ark

In March 2023, the Pushkinskaya-10 art center, known for being the home to unconventional art in St. Petersburg, gifted a part of its collection to the Manege Central Exhibition Hall. This exhibition is meant to introduce the public to contemporary artists, as well as trace back the history of Pushkinskaya-10 and its unique art collection. Expect to be transported to the art center’s original location, recreated at Manege, down to the decorative elements mirroring the center’s white and red flag. 

Saturday, July 13 

M(ne) norm festival

The city’s most inclusive space is hosting its first-ever festival – and everyone is invited! Apart from lectures by the city’s entrepreneurs on topics ranging from sustainable development to social entrepreneurship, there will be a market with creations of local craftsmen, flowers and consultations on how best to treat your houseplants, and a street food market. Then, the evening will culminate with a cozy summer concert. Come to Normalnoye Mesto (Normal Place) to feel as (ab)normal as you want!

Sunday, July 14

Color Fest 

Attention, please: the most colorful event of the summer is happening this weekend! Live performances by Russian bands and a fun DJ set will create just the atmosphere you need to have fun throwing brightly colored powder at everyone around. Celebrate the proper start of summer holidays or anything else you’d like!

Monday, July 15

Exhibition: Rene Reza. Connecting Threads

  • Until September 15, 2024; 11 am - 11 pm daily except Tuesdays
  • Erarta Museum 
  • 700-1,000 (includes an annual pass)

In his works, Rene Reza (Igor Ryazantsev) takes inspiration from string theory and modernist art, creating vibrant, enigmatic pieces. The connecting threads in the exhibition’s name allude to the artist seeking connections between people and those that tie together artists and viewers. Visit Erarta to untangle the complex web of meanings, lines, and colors in Rene Reza’s works.

Tuesday, July 16

Exhibition: Filling Life With Beauty

Continuing the theme of modernism, let’s turn to the exhibition of Petr Zverkhovsky and Gleb Viatkin – Soviet artists, who were also heavily inspired by Russian and French modernism. Their creations invite you into worlds of their own, staying close to our reality but yet remaining very different. Some works are mysterious, poetic, while others represent their creator’s inner search. Though the exhibited pieces were mainly created in the 2000s-2010s, they have the almost vintage look, almost engaging in a dialogue with the modernists that inspired the artists.

Wednesday, July 17

On the Big Screen: Widow Clicquot (2023)

Widowed at 27 in 18th century France, Barbe-Nicole Clicquot was left with her husband’s wine business to run. In this historic drama, you will get to see a young woman find her voice and calling in a world full of obstacles. This path led to the start of a champagne company that still bears the name of its resilient founder. 

This early screening will be introduced with a talk by film critic Ksenia Balyuk