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  • This Week in St. Petersburg: June 13-19, 2024

    All the exams and thesis defenses are nearly over and that means one thing: summer is taking over! For now, only fun events, new discoveries, and, hopefully, good weather. Are you ready for an adventurous week? With our freshly-baked guide to the best events in town, you better be!


  • Russian Hollywood: Soyuzmultfilm Behind the Scenes

    Another installment of the Russian Hollywood series, another production studio to discover. This time, we’re stepping inside Soyuzmultfilm – a Soviet and Russian animation company based in Moscow that has shaped the childhoods of many generations in Russia and beyond. The studio gifted the world with a bevy of iconic characters, from the Soviet Winnie-the-Pooh to the mysterious Cheburashka.


  • Russian Hollywood: Lenfilm Behind the Scenes

    Lenfilm, the cradle of Russian filmmaking, has been giving 110 percent over its 110-year history. The St. Petersburg-based studio has released as many as 1,500 feature movies that include the iconic Sherlock Holmes adaptations, a Soviet take on the western, and more.


  • Where To Watch Movies in English (and Not Only) in St. Petersburg

    From cinema chains to palace-like movie theaters and low-key venues, St. Petersburg can boast a bevy of movie locations for every taste and request. If you're looking to watch movies in the original language (and with Russian subtitles), you will find your spot below.


  • This Week in St. Petersburg: April 4-10, 2024

    Don’t let the suddenly chilly weather fool you, it’s still April here in the city. Put on your warmer clothes and let’s hope for the sun to come back as we power through this week full of exciting events.


  • Russian Hollywood: Mosfilm Behind the Scenes

    The Mosfilm logo, with its striking image of Worker and Kolkhoz Woman, is a familiar sight in every Russian home. Over the past 100 years, the studio has released a superb collection of movies that are integral to Russian culture: they are regularly watched, rewatched, and even quoted by heart. Which iconic films did the studio produce and what does it do now? Here’s a glimpse inside the major Russian film studio that also happens to be one of the largest in Europe.


  • This Week in St. Petersburg: January 25-31, 2024

    January is flying by, but we won’t let it go unnoticed! We’ve picked out the best events for each of its remaining days. On the menu are: several photography exhibitions, a concert, a film screening, free classes, and more. Let’s get to it!


  • This Week in St. Petersburg: January 11-17, 2024

    Though this work week is short, it definitely offers no shortage of events to visit in the city. Movie screenings, exhibitions, and even a newly-opened ice rink – we have everything you need to make the end of the holidays joyful! See for yourself:


  • This Week in St. Petersburg: December 14-20, 2023

    The year is almost at the finish line (not to put any pressure on you – there’s still plenty of time!) and this week we are fully embracing the spirit of magic in the air! Travel between different fairy tale worlds, learn about Christmas, pick up some green gifts, and add a sprinkle of art to the mix – let’s go!


  • This Week in St. Petersburg: October 19-25, 2023

    The fall is halfway gone and even if it’s still too early for the holiday mood, every day is still worthy of a little celebration – in the form of St. Petersburg’s abundant cultural events, for example. Here’s our selection for next week!