Thursday, June 6

Exhibition: The CUBE Collective. Warm North

  • Until July 28; 11 am - 11 pm daily except Tuesdays
  • Erarta Museum
  • 700-1,000 (includes an annual pass)

Discover the Russian North through a surreal lens – far from gloomy and cold, at this exhibition by the Perm-based CUBE Collective, you’ll see mischievous, colorful paintings and sculptures. As is poetically put on the museum’s website, the artists found inspiration in “the fragility of life amid harsh nature and the tremendous spiritual strength required for this life to go on.” 

Friday, June 7

Exhibition: National Brands of BRICS Countries

Marking the kickoff of the annual St. Petersburg Economic Forum, a special exhibition dedicated to the cultures of the BRICS countries will open at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. The stars of the show will be the paintings and sculptures created by an international team of the academy’s students representing BRICS countries. Also on display will be a retrospective of movie posters produced in the featured countries, as well as some screenings of topical movies made in Russia. 

Saturday, June 8

Festival: Sails of Kronstadt

Why not spend your Saturday outside St. Pete? Join the Sails of Kronstadt festival to have it all in one place: fun activities, live concerts by local bands, a fair with goods by all kinds of creators, and even Russia’s first electric surfboard (EFOIL) race! Turn this day into a full-on adventure by exploring other locations the town of Kronstadt has to offer – with our article.

Sunday, June 9

Concert: The Magic of Duduk

Duduk is one of the oldest known musical instruments – honored by UNESCO, no less – and this concert is your opportunity to experience its sound live through the prism of Armenian national music. Visit the philharmonia on Sunday for a chance to traverse time and space.

Monday, June 10

Exhibition: Cold Blinking of the Cosmos

  • Until September 30, 1 pm - 8 pm daily 
  • ArtMuza
  • 220 rubles (tickets here)

We often invite you to ArtMuza, though this time it’s not the museum itself but its courtyard that has caught our attention: there, the magical technospace reality of sculptor Igor Ivanov now reigns supreme. Each piece is created from recycled materials, while also “recycling” centuries-old mythologies, merging them with contemporary tech-centered views in a mesmerizing space reality. What an ambitious exploration for your Monday!

Tuesday, June 11

Exhibition: Unexpected Glance

From conventional plasticity to pop art, the late sculptor Konstantin Simun explored it all. He is most known for the Broken Ring monument, dedicated to the Road of Life, and through this exhibition, you will have the opportunity to explore his entire artistic journey. Visit it to see every new creative decision and breakthrough, including some unexpected ones, such as turning to Baroque art in the late 20th century.

Wednesday, June 12

Organ concert: Chronicles of Contemporary

Do contemporary music and such a temperamental instrumental as the organ blend well? You get to find that out for yourself at this chamber concert. Avant-garde pieces by John Cage meet tradition – musically, as in juxtaposed to the creations of Bach, and culturally, as in being played in a church. Way to spend the evening of an extra day off mid-week (June 12 is Russia Day and a national holiday).