Thursday, October 5

On the big screen: 32 Sounds

A hit from last year’s Sundance Film Festival, this movie, as goes from its title, is all about sound. Full of wonder, it explores the sound’s profound effect on humans and its ability to make us feel, imagine, or remember. One of the blurbs in the trailer promises you’ll never listen to the world the same way again – and this does sound like an exciting prospect for a curious mind! 

Friday, October 6

Golden Melodies of Jazz

There’s nothing like to spruce up a gloomy October afternoon like jazz, especially performed intimately in the Small Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonia. Let the sounds of the world’s classic jazz hits intermingled with contemporary variations carry you away and lift your mood for the coming weekend. 

Saturday, October 7


Among the many fests and markets we often write about, this one’s bound to be among the most original – it’s devoted entirely to minerals. Here, visitors will get to see and touch unusual minerals, fossils, and meteorites, as well as have fun perusing the various jewelry and decor items made from these unusual materials by creators from all over Russia. The organizers promise gifts for tagging the festival’s account on social media, as well as an eventful program of workshops for kids and adults alike.

Sunday, October 8

Audiovisual performances at Art & Science Center

As part of the festival Friends of St. Petersburg, ITMO’s Art & Science Center will host three audiovisual performances created by its Master’s students and graduates:

6 pm – Mirror World, that considers the metaphysics of light and reflection in St. Petersburg. Register here.

7 pm – Riverhead, a musical journey towards inner harmony inspired by the changing flow of water. Register here.

8 pm – Capacity of a River. Neva, that invites you to ponder the river’s surface to discover insights into the essence of time. Register here

Monday, October 9

On the big screen: Sound of Freedom

One of the most successful independent films to date, Sound of Freedom (2023) is not to be ventured into lightly. A thriller, where a former US government agent sets out on a mission to rescue children from human traffickers, the film tells an important real-life story juxtaposing both the evil and the noble parts of the human nature. 

Tuesday, October 10

Exhibition: Oskar Klever. The Dream – White Horse

On display at the exhibition are the works of Oskar Klever, a 20th century watercolor painter with characteristically elegant color combinations. Though among of the lesser-known masters, he left an abundant heritage of not only paintings but also illustrations to fairy tales. Perusing his works, you will get a glimpse of the artist’s life and an impression of the historical period he lived in.

Wednesday, October 11

Lakhta exhibition project

  • Until October 29, Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun: 11 am - 7 pm, Tue, Thu, Fri: 12-9 pm
  • 300 rubles (200 rubles for students)

Another event within the Friends of St. Petersburg festival, this exhibition takes a closer look at Lakhta Center, one of the city’s most controversial landmarks. Mikhail Rozanov’s photographs highlight the building’s intricate architecture through the interplay of light and shadow, presenting a new perspective on the steel-and-glass edifice. Who knows, maybe seen in this light, Lakhta Center will finally win the hearts of the conservative critics? It takes a visit to find out.