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  • Before Passports: Documents of the Past

    In Russia, the civil registration system was created only in 1918. However, there was a need to certify personal identity way before that. How was it done?


  • Student Spotlight: Hamidreza Sekandari, Iran

    The bigger the challenges, the better – that’s the kind of optimism that we all need in our lives. Meet Hamidreza, an international student from Iran whose passion to excel in life despite setbacks is unparalleled. Currently enrolled in the Foundation Program, he is going to pursue a Master’s degree in information security. We got the opportunity to talk in-depth about his native country, Iran, and learn about its rich history and culture. We also asked him how it feels to be an international student and if he has had any unique experiences in St. Petersburg. You’ll find the answers in this interview.


  • The 5 Railway Terminals of St. Petersburg

    In this companion piece to our destinations article, let’s find out more about the history and quirks of our city’s five major railway stations, or vokzals as they are known in Russian.


  • Student Spotlight: Kento Hasegawa, Japan

    A Japanese native whose passion is to learn Russian history and culture. That’s what best describes Kento, a participant in ITMO’s summer school in Russian language and culture. His keen interest in learning Russian and becoming a professional translator left us in awe. We got the opportunity to catch up with him and learn all about his experiences in our city. From enjoying the city’s observation decks to getting lost in the grandeur of the Hermitage, let's dive deep into the life of Kento Hasegawa.


  • Vladimir: An Ancient City on the Golden Ring

    Have you ever heard of Russia’s Golden Ring? A group of ancient cities that were part of the Old Rus, are now sights to see and not too far from Moscow. As you set off to explore the Golden Ring, the first city along the way is Vladimir, the former capital of medieval Russia. I decided to venture out there on my vacation to find out what Vladimir had to offer.


  • Student Spotlight: Fatameh Haidari Monfared, Iran

    A student of history and tourism management, Fatameh appreciates Russia’s heritage like no other. Guess what her go-to spots in St. Petersburg are? Of course, it’s the museums. She loves spending time there as they offer a lot to learn. In her spare time, she likes to travel, read books, and pen her experiences. Read on to learn more about Fatameh and her time in St. Petersburg.


  • What Day Is It Today? Making Sense of the Russian Calendars

    We consider time a linear and universal concept. But if you think about it, it’s not even the year 2022 for everyone: say, in Thailand, it’s 2565. As for Russia – sure, we use the common Gregorian calendar now, but this hasn’t always been the case.


  • 12 Decades: A Lot More Than 12 Milestones!

    On March 26, our beloved university is going to celebrate its 122nd year of existence. Starting its journey as the first school to train specialists in the domains of mechanics, optics, and watchmaking, ITMO’s journey has been no less than an adventure. Through thick and thin, ITMO has always believed in its five core values in tandem with cutting-edge science, high-quality education, and innovation. Let us take a walk down memory lane and look at key moments in ITMO’s history.


  • EduStars Winner Andrey Vasilyev on Teaching History to Programmers

    Another ITMO Edu Awards will take place this year at ITMO. Last year, dozens of lecturers from ITMO University who work on their own educational projects and come up with new approaches to teaching became its laureates. Andrey Vasilyev, the winner in the ITMO.EduStars category, teaches history and implements projects at the intersection of humanities and technical sciences. We asked him why STEM students like history, how to find a common ground with them, and where in Russia you can find Ancient Greece.


  • PETRO pr(i[t]mo): How ITMO’s Center of Social Sciences and Humanities Fosters Love for History

    2021 is the Year of Science and Technology in Russia and the spring of 2022 will mark the 350th anniversary of the birth of the first Russian Emperor and the founder of St. Petersburg – Peter the Great. Inspired by these events, ITMO’s Center of Social Sciences and Humanities has developed an interdisciplinary educational and research project dedicated to the flourishing of science during the reign of Peter the Great. Read on to learn why the project will be interesting for everyone, from programmers to opticians, and how it will help bring various fields closer.