Thursday, April 18

Free museum day at Kunstkamera

This is your cue to pick up your ticket if you haven't already! Prepare yourself for a thrilling, educational, and perhaps terrifying visit to Russia’s first museum, founded by Peter the Great himself. The museum is well-known for its collection of curiosities, which includes everything from anthropological and ethnographic relics to gruesome anatomical exhibits. Not for the faint-hearted!

Friday, April 19

Growing from Shape

A panorama of works by Yulia Ivanova, a big-name painter of the 1980s Leningrad art scene, is about to close its curtains at the Museum of 20th-21st Century Art of St. Petersburg. Secure a ticket to enjoy the artist’s collection of distinctive and contrasting still lifes, self-portraits, and landscapes that masterfully capture the spirit of the age, turmoil, and drama of life, with glimpses of silver lining.

Saturday, April 20

TruD test for foreigners

  • 8 am or 2 pm
  • Online or offline  – see the venues and register here
  • Free

Are you an international student in Russia or simply enjoy studying the language? This Saturday, you may put your skills to the test by taking part in TruD test, an educational event held as part of the Total Dictation that is particularly geared towards people learning Russian as a foreign language. Designed for A2-B2 learners, the test will consist of ten exciting and informative tasks that will center on the culture, history, and science of Russia.

Sunday, April 21

Cosmic Weekend Festival

This weekend, the hip venue of Vokzal 1853 is going “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” with a two-day Star Wars-themed festival. The festival promises an eclectic lineup of events, including movie screenings, workshops, board games and quizzes, photo zones, and even cosmo-talks from ITMO experts.

Monday, April 22

Sandbox and Clouds 

  • Until May 26, 12-8 pm (Mon, Wed, Thu), 12-10 pm (Fri-Sun)
  • Third Place
  • 1,000 rubles (600 rubles for students) – tickets here 

Sandbox and Clouds at Third Place is a contemporary art exhibition that explores the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds through the lens of childhood memories and dreams. On the view are nine large-scale installations of different kinds, including AR, video art, and 3D, that transport visitors to the artists’ restless, magical periods of life.

Tuesday, April 23

Shutter Island on the screen

A movie rec of this week is the physiological thriller Shutter Island (2010) directed by Martin Scorsese. The neo-noir story of two US marshals, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo, investigating the disappearance of an asylum patient on a remote island, will be screened in English (with Russian subtitles) at Lenfilm Studio.

Wednesday, April 24

43 Days in the Arctic

  • Until June 16, 11 am - 10 pm daily
  • ArtMuza
  • Free

Based on his firsthand experience of the North Pole, artist Ivan Aleksandrov created a series of paintings and graphics that depict polar explorers and researchers on scientific missions, unveiling the beauty – and mysteries – of that harsh land.

*Credit: Kora27 / CC-BY-SA-4.0 / Wikimedia Commons