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  • Movie Fridays: New Releases

    Well the weather outside is frightful – so why don’t you seek solace in a cozy cinema theater, or, blessed be the streaming services, your home instead? Here’s our specially curated selection of the latest, or up-and-coming, movie and TV releases to help you decide what to watch this holiday season. (PS: and here is our last year’s Christmassy films best-of should you feel you wanna get the festive movie party going!)


  • 10 Movies for a Summer Night-In

    Movie Fridays is officially one year old, and we are celebrating by going back to the series’ roots: summer film recommendations. Dramatic and melancholic, flamboyant, buoyant and adventurous, you won’t go wrong with one or all of these for a great cinematic binge!


  • The Planets by Prof Brian Cox: The Actual Best

    The coolest physicist of all time has come out with a new documentary series that travels through space and time to tell the mystifying story of the Solar System. Our verdict? Mind-blowing, mind-boggling and breath-taking, with a side of first-class entertainment


  • Fleabag Season Two: Unbreak My Heart, Dammit

    The eponymous heroine is back in a dazzling second run of BBC Three’s tragicomedy Fleabag. With her ever-uptight sister tentatively at her side, creepy godmother at the opposite, and one very mysterious padre loitering on the horizon, will this be a happy adventure?


  • Live from New York, It’s… Best of SNL

    Among all the time-devouring black holes the internet has to offer, Saturday Night Live is unquestionably one of the worst, and by that we mean the best. Got bills to pay? A social gathering you’d rather not make it to? Strap in, because your usual excuse of having “that thing, what thing?, that thing thing, gotta run byeee” just took on a whole new meaning. SNL: having procrastinators’ backs since 1975. And given that Movie Fridays strives to fulfill the same noble purpose, here are some of our most favorite (among the more recent) SNL skits. More recent, because there’s no way you can play favorites when talking about the Kristen Wiig (and Bill Hader, and Andy Samberg) era, although the current cast also is the bee’s knees. 


  • Avengers and Time Travel: Scientific Perspective

    Avengers: Endgame is smashing box office records and currently sits behind Avatar as the second highest grossing film worldwide. However, the flick didn’t just raise a lot of money, but also sparkled extensive discussions, especially regarding its time travel aspect. In this article, ITMO.NEWS examines some of the most renowned cinematic presentations of time travel and scientific theories behind them.


  • Movie Chitter-Chatter: The Last Jedi

    May the Fourth be with you! As we gear up to see the final installment of the Skywalker saga (who else’s dead inside thinking about it?) in cinemas this December, some choose to rewatch all of its eight predecessors to tie them over. And what this means is yet again falling in love with the timeless magic of The Empire Strikes Back, cringing over Attack of the Clones, and facing the mind-boggling conundrum that is The Last Jedi. Tell you what, let’s do the latter thing together, in a new chapter of our The Guardian’s pass notes wannabe series Movie Chitter-Chatter. Warning: minor spoilers, but trust us when we say that it’s better to come to TLJ knowing full well what you’re in for. And now, let’s proceed with our cinematic therapy session.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: April 20-21

    Enjoy the extraordinary sound of a carillon in the very heart of St. Petersburg, admire the wildlife of China and ride a vintage steam train! Here is our list of the coolest things going on in the city this weekend.


  • Movie Fridays: Netflix’s New Stalker Drama You

    A New York bookstore manager becomes obsessed with a customer and there’s nothing he isn’t willing to do for love in a gripping brand-new series by the streaming giant Netflix.


  • Movie Fridays: Irish Cinema

    In honor and spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, which falls on this Sunday, March 17 (Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaoibh, y’all), we present to you a very green and shamrocked Movie Fridays with some of the best cinema hailing from the fair Hibernia. That way, the morning after you crash home from a pub, you’ll have something to nurse your hangover with. You’re welcome.


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