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  • This Week in St. Petersburg: May 9-15, 2024

    Starting with Victory Day tomorrow, this week brings yet another change to our regular work schedule – which means even more opportunities to explore everything the city has to offer. From exhibitions to concerts and film screenings, you’ll find it all in our regular guide.


  • Russian Hollywood: Lenfilm Behind the Scenes

    Lenfilm, the cradle of Russian filmmaking, has been giving 110 percent over its 110-year history. The St. Petersburg-based studio has released as many as 1,500 feature movies that include the iconic Sherlock Holmes adaptations, a Soviet take on the western, and more.


  • Where To Watch Movies in English (and Not Only) in St. Petersburg

    From cinema chains to palace-like movie theaters and low-key venues, St. Petersburg can boast a bevy of movie locations for every taste and request. If you're looking to watch movies in the original language (and with Russian subtitles), you will find your spot below.


  • This Week in St. Petersburg: April 18-24, 2024

    With a bevy of activities on offer, there truly is something for everyone here, whether you're looking to nourish your mind, body, or soul.


  • This Week in St. Petersburg: April 11-17, 2024

    Spring is finally springing – and we are fully equipped to enjoy these warm days with a full schedule of exciting events. Here’s what to expect next week in the city.


  • This Week in St. Petersburg: April 4-10, 2024

    Don’t let the suddenly chilly weather fool you, it’s still April here in the city. Put on your warmer clothes and let’s hope for the sun to come back as we power through this week full of exciting events.


  • This Week in St. Petersburg: March 7-13, 2024

    We can barely believe it ourselves, but it seems spring is in full swing: it’s sunny, it’s warm(-ish), and the days are getting longer. This week, thanks to International Women’s Day, we also get a longer weekend, which brings even more opportunities to enjoy the city’s luscious cultural life. Here’s what to put on your calendar:


  • Our Favorite Movie Soundtracks

    Sometimes, just one song is enough to take you back to that beloved scene in a movie that you know by heart. Today’s songs article is all about just that – our true jams from the world of cinema.


  • This Week in St. Petersburg: February 15-21, 2024

    It's This Week in St. P. day! And we are back here again with our carefully crafted selection of the week’s activities – plus, a handful of Valentine’s Day ideas for punks, lovers, and punk lovers.


  • Russian Hollywood: Mosfilm Behind the Scenes

    The Mosfilm logo, with its striking image of Worker and Kolkhoz Woman, is a familiar sight in every Russian home. Over the past 100 years, the studio has released a superb collection of movies that are integral to Russian culture: they are regularly watched, rewatched, and even quoted by heart. Which iconic films did the studio produce and what does it do now? Here’s a glimpse inside the major Russian film studio that also happens to be one of the largest in Europe.