Thursday, June 20

Peony exhibition

Summer is rich with flower festivals. This week, we invite you to enjoy a breath of fresh air and peonies in bloom at St. Petersburg Botanical Garden – with a flower-inspired exhibition and the garden’s own collection of peonies, ranging from dark red to pastel pink. 

Friday, June 21

Street art at Brusnitsyn Art Quarter​

Pieces of urban beauty can be found at Brusnitsyn Art Quarter. Its freshly updated collection includes seven artworks in various styles created by the recent open-call winners. Though the graffiti on view are summer-themed, they span over a bevy of topics, from nature awakening to long-distance relationships and individuality in modern times. Aside from the winning pieces, visitors may enjoy a variety of other installations around the creative hub.

Saturday, June 22

Buy Garage

Sevkabel Port’s new exhibition explores the phenomenon of garage culture in the USSR and post-Soviet Russia. A garage is more than just a storage space for Russians; it’s a place of self-expression and freedom. At the display, visitors are to enjoy a vintage car expo and authentic recreations, as well as a number of interactive exhibits, including home-canned foods, vintage toys, and other household items, along with luxury goods like TVs or dinnerware.

Sunday, June 2​3

On the big screen: Ezra (2023)

The movie pick for your early morning is Ezra (2023) by Tony Goldwyn. This is a true story-based dramedy with a star-studded cast, including Bobby Cannavale, Whoopi Goldberg, Rainn Wilson, and Robert De Niro, that follows Max, a divorced comedian, and his autistic son Ezra as they decide to go on a cross-country adventure together. 

Monday, June 24

The Empire After Peter the Great: From Catherine I to Elizabeth Petrovna

St. Michael’s Castle presents a unique – in both content and scale – exhibition that offers a retrospective look at the history of Russia from the death of Peter the Great all the way to the accession of his daughter Elizabeth to the throne. The display features more than 400 exhibits, including those that have never been exhibited before, that illustrate key milestones in the Russian Empire's history. 

Tuesday, June 25


The multimedia exhibition charts the history of human-nature relationships starting from the formation of life to alternative futures. It comprises seven halls, each dedicated to a separate topic, whether that is the spark of life, flora and fauna on Earth, or scenarios of the future, thus building together a thrilling immersion in the vast world of life. Among the artists are graduates of ITMO's Art & Science program, and the exhibition is curated by Khristina Ots, the head of ITMO's AIR gallery.

Wednesday, June 26 

Antiform No. 16

The new free-entrance display, prepared by New Holland Island and St. Petersburg Art Fair 1703, features a series of works by Vasiliy Kononov-Gredi. The concept behind the series is described as the author’s attempt to unleash the potential of items and free them from their given meanings and functions through transformations. At the core of the exhibition is an art installation inspired by Dutch shipbuilding traditions of the 18th century.