Thursday, January 18

Exhibition: Microcosm of Figures

  • Until February 18, 12-8 pm (Mon, Wed, Thu), 12-10 pm (Fri-Sun)
  • Third Place
  • 1,000 rubles (600 rubles for students) – tickets here

Multiverses are in – and now is your chance to experience one! Microcosm of Figures is a groundbreaking display that features nine large-scale works that hybridize the digital and the real using an array of mediums and technologies, ranging from AR/VR and 3D animation to sculptures and holograms. With these vivid, distinct, and unique installations the authors entice visitors to take an enchanted journey across the multiverse they create.

Friday, January 19

On the big screen: Paterson (2016)

It's Fri-yay! So, whether you’re done with your classes for this week or not, go to the movies to celebrate! This week’s rec is Paterson (2016) by Jim Jarmusch, which follows the life of a poetic bus driver and his spouse over the course of one week.

Saturday, January 20

Exhibition: i’illusionista

  • Until February 29, 12-8 pm, expect for Mon and Tue
  • Art of Foto
  • Free entrance

This week, you may see Jarmusch not only on film – but also in photographs. The display called i’illusionista brings together a selection of Valeriy Aksenov’s works inspired by the aesthetics of new-wave, black-and-white movies, including those directed by Wim Wenders, Robert Bresson, Jean Eustache, and Jim Jarmusch.

Sunday, January 21

Jazz Evening: Moonlight Serenade

Unwind and let yourself loose to the soothing sounds of night jazz music at St. Petersburg Philharmonia. For one night only, the Ivan Vasilyev Big Band will entertain you with jazz evergreens: Summertime by George Gershwin, Fly Me to the Moon by Bart Howard, Sing, Sing, Sing by Louis Prima, and, of course, Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller

Monday, January 22

Exhibition: Social Science by Andrey Shatilov

  • Until March 3, 11 am - 11 pm, except for Tue
  • Erarta Museum
  • 1,000-3,000 (includes an annual pass)

No, it’s not another class, but rather Andrey Shatilov's distinct take on society and nostalgia. The artist, who is renowned for developing his own distinctive method of appliqué art or App.Art, depicts reality in a surreal and fairytale-like manner, which causes his pictures to go viral on the internet and elsewhere.

Tuesday, January 23

Exhibition: PARIS, PARIS… by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Another exhibition on view features a collection of over 50 lithographs by the French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec that capture the Belle Époque in all its diversity: Parisian posters, portraits of dancers and cabaret performers, sketches from the everyday life of circus performers, and much more.

Wednesday, January 24

Exhibition: Maksim Vorobyov and His Pupils 

  • January 24- April 22, 10 am - 8 pm (Mon), 10 am - 6 pm (Wed, Fri-Sun), 1 pm - 9 pm (Thu)
  • The State Russian Museum
  • 550 rubles (270 rubles for students) – tickets here 

The exhibition sheds light on the lesser-known works of Maksim Vorobyov, a 19th-century Russian landscape painter who influenced a generation of artists across various genres. In addition to the master’s own paintings and watercolors, the display includes prominent works by his pupils, including his son Sokrat Vorobyov.