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  • Digital Art and Opera: Winners of Digital OPERA Performance on Contests’ Benefits and Media Content Trends

    In October, ITMO University team won the Digital OPERA Performance contest for media artists and multimedia directors. ITMO.NEWS met with the team members – Nadezhda Kumakova and Anastasia Laushkina – to learn more about the contest, their experience in creating media content and bringing their ideas to life.


  • Project by ITMO Student Displayed at the State Museum of Urban Sculpture

    A video mapping project by Daria Protnikova, a Master’s student at ITMO’s program in Multimedia Technologies, Design and Usability at the Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems, became a part of the Night of Arts exhibition at the Mikhail Anikushin studio.


  • Keeping the Balance Between Creativity and Technology: Ekaterina Doronina on Her Path to Self-Discovery

    In this ITMO.NEWS interview, Ekaterina Doronina shares her thoughts on how to become an interdisciplinary designer, do an internship at the Alexandrinsky Theatre, work on major projects for museums, and find yourself.


  • ScienceMedia Hackathon for Aspiring Journalists at ITMO University

    This year marks the fifth time that St. Petersburg hosts ScienceMedia, a competition that brings together talented and motivated students interested in science journalism. This was the second time that the event was held in the format of a hackathon. A total of 75 students from 25 Russian regions took part in the competition. In the course of two days, they listened to lectures, solved practical tasks, and were given 24 hours to come up with a full-fledged longread covering the tours they’d been to. Read on to learn more about the competition and its participants.


  • Participate in Multimedia Challenge Competition and Learn to Create the Best Digital Content

    Only one week is left before the start of the Multimedia Challenge 4 educational marathon and competition! In the course of a month, the participants of the competition will study the basic media formats. Read on to learn more about the competition and why you need multimedia skills.


  • ITMO Master’s Student On Explaining Art By Means Of Multimedia

    Arina Mezhenina is finishing her Master’s program “Multimedia Technologies for Theatre, Cinema and Television” at ITMO’s Educational Center of Graphic Technologies. She also takes part in organizing the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, makes short videos and studies the principles of popularizing the ideas of art pieces by means of multimedia. Read about how multimedia technologies can help bring a painting to life without losing the author’s message, and how Arina plans to combine activities in the field of arts and organization of major cultural events.