For starters, let’s revise some of our previous Christmas stories.

  • Why is Orthodox Christmas on January 7 and not on December 25? It’s because the Russian Orthodox Church still lives by the Julian calendar as the Russian Empire did before the 1917 revolution. Our rather thorough Winter Holidays: Russian Orthodox Christmas story covers the history and traditions of this holiday. 

  • The Russian Orthodox Christmas service starts at 11 pm on January 6 and goes through 7 am the next morning. The worship is very solemn and accompanied by beautiful hymns, but you have to stand the whole time. Everyone is welcome. Remember that in Orthodox churches, all men have to take off their hats and women – cover their heads. 

  • Koliada is a fascinating Christmas custom the roots of which, paradoxically, go back to pre-Christian times. You can learn more about this peculiar holiday ritual here.

  • Here’s one on Christmas mood in general, not specifically related to the religious celebration. It will provide you with lots of wholesome tips on how to experience the festive atmosphere – related movies and food included.

  • Last but not least, a short article from 2019 with some suggestions on the best places to feel the Christmas spirit.

Christmas-related events 2022

As it goes, this holiday is not only about religion but also about culture in general. To learn more about this side of Christmas, consider visiting some of the following events in St. Petersburg (keep in mind that you will need a QR code):

Enjoy the rest of your holidays and happy Christmas!

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