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  • New Year in Russia: Traditional Snacks & Appetizers

    With Olivier, furry herring, and a zillion other mayo mixes, Russians take their festive foods very seriously. Apart from these New Year’s mainstays, the tables will soon be piled high with other, no less delicious meals that are a hit with everyone.


  • Much More Than Pancakes: Maslenitsa Week

    Today marks the beginning of Maslenitsa, a unique holiday that lasts a whole week! Let’s break it down day by day and see what customs are associated with each of them.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: May 7-10, 2022

    Another long May weekend is coming for round two with a diverse and lively mix of exhibitions, food fests, and festivities.


  • Merry Orthodox Christmas 2022

    On January 7, we celebrate Orthodox Christmas! Here are some of our suggestions on how to enjoy this holiday.


  • Historical Flashback: The Story Behind Unity Day in Russia

    A day with a rich history yet Russia’s newest holiday – Unity Day is celebrated annually on November 4 to promote the unity, breadth, and diversity of Russia’s varied cultures. Who are Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky? Why does it always have to do with a revolution? And how does today's Russia stick to the tradition? Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming holiday.


  • City Day Celebrations in Russia

    Free concerts, food festivals, and firework shows are all part of the uniquely Russian tradition of a City Day – an annual celebration of your hometown with virtually the entire city present.


  • Maslenitsa Fortune Telling: The Unscientific Method

    With the Maslenitsa week in full swing, what can be better than gorging on buttery, lacy blini, the Russian version of pancakes? Some might argue that it’s also learning what the coming year has in store.


  • ITMO Celebrates Maslenitsa: Stories from Students and Staff

    Do you love pancakes? This week you can eat them to your heart’s content – it’s Maslenitsa week in Russia! This celebration is all about welcoming spring and yes, gorging on pancakes, or blini, as they’re called here. We asked our students to describe how they’re celebrating this traditional Russian holiday.


  • Three Mimosas for March 8th

    If you ask Russians what they associate the most with the International Women’s Day, they’re likely to say spring, flowers and… mimosas. What makes them such a special part of this celebration?


  • Russian Holidays To Look Forward To

    Once the New Year season is over, it feels like the routine bites hard but there are actually many more holidays to be excited about! What Russian holidays are we celebrating in the upcoming weeks?