Despite its simple concept, there’s quite a bit to know about Avito. Actually, there are even professionals specializing in helping businesses sell stuff using this website – in Russian, we call them авитологи (“avitologists”). An average user can do perfectly well on their own, but we can learn a thing or two from those who make their living off Avito. Some of the tips below come from my personal experience, and others were learned online from pros.

Finding gems

If you know exactly what you want, it’s pretty easy: just type in the name of the desired object and look for the listing with characteristics (such as price, condition of the item, location of the seller, and delivery options) that are most suitable for you.

But what if you just want to browse Avito in general, see what sellers have to offer, and possibly find something you can make use of? One way to go is to take advantage of personalized recommendations. Avito forms your feed based on your location and previous searches. Another option – browse a category without typing in the exact name of the object you’re looking for. For example, you can see what kind of books people sell in St. Petersburg overall, instead of looking for a particular title. 

These options have a disadvantage – they may lead to endless scrolling. That’s why a better way to go, in my opinion, is to follow a Telegram channel that shares links to selected listings from Avito. This way, someone else basically does the job for you, and instead of navigating hundreds of offers, most of which will probably not interest you, you can check out short themed compilations. Even if you end up not buying anything, a bit of inspiration is guaranteed. For example, I love checking out vintage goods posted on Я нашла это на Авито (“I Found This On Avito”) and хорошенькое авито (“Cute Avito”).

To not lose any money when buying stuff, remember to follow the safety guidelines. Among the most important rules is to communicate with the seller only on Avito. Also, read the listing carefully and ask the seller follow-up questions when in doubt – a decent one will be glad to help you. And keep in mind that when you order something with delivery, you can check it out before agreeing to accept it to make sure the purchase matches its description. 

Getting rid of things that no longer “spark joy”

Let’s say you have some extra stuff lying around and you want to sell it on Avito. What should you pay extra attention to when publishing the ad? There are three key things that will make your listing look attractive: a good photo, a detailed (and honest!) description, and a reasonable price. Sounds simple enough, but most users don’t really bother with all that, so if you put in even a little effort, your offer will stand out.

Credit: sweetpagesco /

Credit: sweetpagesco /


For a good picture, you need the object to look neat (for example, wash and iron it, if it’s a piece of clothing), as well as clean up the space around it (if you don’t have a suitable spot at your place, use a photo editor to replace the background with a solid color). Another important thing is lighting – daylight is preferable and won’t distort the way the object looks.


In the description, you should mention the measurements, especially if it’s a piece of clothing, and any other valuable details. For example, answer questions like – does it function perfectly well or does it need any repairs? Is it still in its original packaging? If it’s a book, consider adding a synopsis (you can probably find it online) so that anyone unfamiliar with the title can learn what it’s about without googling.

I’d suggest describing the object in Russian, not English, to reach a broader audience. The text doesn’t need to be long or complex, so feel free to use a translator app to help you with it.


As for the price – check out similar items already placed on Avito to understand the common price range. And by all means, avoid naming a super-low price. Honestly, it’s better to start at the high end and then lower the number a bit later if no one buys it than to answer dozens of messages sent by people willing to buy your stuff for way too small of a price. I had such an experience twice – it was quite overwhelming.

For more tips on the topic, I recommend the Telegram channel Авито продать нельзя оставить (“Avito: to Sell or to Keep”) with lots of useful information coming from an extremely experienced user (in Russian).

Spring is a great time for decluttering (including digital) and deep cleaning. Platforms like Avito can help you there and, hopefully, our tips will come in handy, too. Once you manage to free up some space at your place, you can start to fill it up with new, more useful things – such as clothing items that will make you feel safe and warm outside in any weather.