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  • Navigate Avito Like a Pro: Declutter & Find Vintage Treasures Online

    We’ve already shared some info on the most popular Russian classifieds platform for buying and selling previously used stuff here and here, but let’s go deeper and learn how to use it in more detail.


  • Start Your Year With Decluttering

    New Year – new me: who hasn’t been tempted by this maxim at least once? If you want to start your year with a grand cleanup or even a tiny little bit of decluttering, here is some of our wisdom on why and how to do it.


  • Summer Decluttering: Clothes Edition

    If decluttering seems like a mammoth task and piles of your once-favorite clothes make your head spin, here are some handy-dandy tips and tricks on how to clean out your closet and help the planet by giving your belongings a second life.


  • The New Things We’re Trying This Spring

    Spring is near-synonymous with change, and what change could be more important than that which we make ourselves? We enter this bright new season wisened (one would hope) by a most perilous, unusual, and enlightening year. Here’re all the new things we’ll be trying out in the coming weeks: