Arrival audio-visual installation

This is a project created by the Russian creative duo that was first presented in New York in 2019 where it was seen by thousands of visitors. It combines a tunnel made of giant metal frames with a ray of light pulsing through it to the accompaniment of low-frequency sounds – eerie and spectacular! If you've been craving for a brand-new art experience that will completely blow you away, this is the choice for you. As a wonderful combo, you can also check out the Sevkabel Port ice rink while you're there.

Po Sosedstvu exhibition

Po Sosedstvu means "In the neighborhood" in Russian – a wonderful name for an event to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Russia-Finland railroad connection. This exhibition is full of historical artefacts and photographs and also contains a specially created film, as well as a VR reconstruction of a luxurious train carriage that used to belong to the Russian royal family. Here, you will have the chance to look at this railroad in a broader cultural context and get to know its significance. You will also get the chance to "travel" the St. Petersburg-Helsinki road and learn a little about the important stops on your way.

Garden of Light project

Just in case you didn't experience enough winter magic this holiday season, St. Petersburg Botanical Garden can make it happen for you. At 6 pm every evening, it turns into a breath-taking combination of digital art and natural beauty, basically allowing you to step into a fairy tale. Get lost in the woods and find your inspiration for the hopefully best year ever - and don't forget to document it all in photos!

Concept Cars: La Grande Bellezza exhibition

  • December 11 - April 11 
  • Erarta 
  • 600 – 1000 rubles (but you can return to the museum for free for the next 365 days)  

To spice things up, here is an unusual exhibition organized by St. Petersburg’s very own contemporary art museum: six concept cars that "redefined beauty and functionality". The six cars and many sketches presented were made by Gruppo Bertone, a coachbuilding company with a very distinctive style. This will probably answer some of your questions about what it means to design a car that is both highly efficient and stunningly impressive. Take a luxurious ride to perfection!