The agenda of the forum included the following tracks: “Economic Model,” “Human Capital,” “Socio-Cultural Policies,” “Technological Development,” “Spatial Development,” “Efficiency of a Space,” and “The Global Content.” At various sessions participants facilities and strategies of the further development of Russia and also paid the great attention to the modern universities that created fresh ideas and concepts and promoted new technologies.

The specific role of universities have been discusses at many meetings devoted to the development of a state program “National Technology Initiative” (NTI). It was mentioned that it was very important for universities to participate in social-oriented, economic projects and cluster development.

Mr. Vasilyev at a brainstorm session Territorial Clusters as Drivers of Innovative Development in the Russian Federation presented his paper called “the University involved in cluster development: traditional approach and non-classical solutions.” The rector underlined that a university has to follow modern trends providing such business activities as accelerator programs, schools for tech brokerage and foresight initiatives.

One of discussions headed by a representative of Skoltech joined economic experts from various universities, Russian Venture Company and other organizations. The specialists came to the point that universities can serve as leaders of progress.

“Today “3.0 universities`” developments can be represented as transformation in “universities 4.0.” Apart from educational, research and entrepreneurial activities they pay attention to social development by following social and personal-oriented concepts, training responsible and ambitious specialists, as well as initiating new profession spheres,” said Vladimir Vasilyev.

The young specialists who took part in a youth session “Generation 20130” discussed the importance of supporting non-profit organizations and involvement of business and governmental institutions in activities of the society.

“The first day of KEF 2016 was centered aroung responsibility of companies and corporations to our society. The top Russian universities also have to be charged with so-called “third mission,” which includes supporting of good tech environment,” noted Oleg Malsagov.

The experts also talked about various initiatives, approaches, local centers and global projects aimed to innovative promotion all over the Russian Federation. Thus Nina Yanykina mentioned successful activities of Innopolis University and new project-oriented approach used by experts of Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering.

The participants came to the point that to reach the goals set by Strategy 2030 modern universities have to undergo many changes and provide lots of reforms. According to Alexei Komissarov, head of Industrial Expansion Fund, the Forum is a significant meeting, which attract specialists in different fields to discuss complicated issues.