One of the teams developed a waste sorting system based on optical technologies. According to the judges it was the best one because the students managed to create a promising idea, which is likely to become a real business project. Among other successful projects made by ITMO University students there were a plant cultivation system based on light emitting diodes, a technology for express control of diodes` characteristics, an optical-based system for mineral sorting and a food products analyzing device.

“We appreciated the creativity of students who went further and used not only basic scenarios offered by organizers, but also their own fresh solutions. Their hard work resulted in full-fledged projects. It took at least four or five weeks to develop them. Moreover the students had no time for any preliminary preparations. I suppose that all these projects may approach the market,” underlined Ekaterina Egoshina, head of Marketing Department.

The students who presented the best technology noted that, on the one hand, waste sorting systems are not widespread in Russia but, on the other hand, recycling plants need new solution in this field. Furthermore the participants conducted the opinion poll, which showed that St. Petersburg dwellers respect this trend and suppose that domestic waste recycling is necessary. The system provides sorting of plastics, thus one can apply it for removing raw materials from organic waste.

Despite of the fact that the only one project won all participants gained very useful experience and advices by skilled experts served at Project Management and Innovation Department. The students also improved their presentation skills and now they know how to talk about their ideas correctly and attract investors` attention. The supervisors shared the main rules of successful presenting. First of all one doesn`t have to read while presentation. It also would be better to improvise more and focus on the advantages and unique features of one`s project.

Innovative Marketing Competition is an annual educational and practice-oriented event supported by Chair of Marketing and Communications. It aims to guide students who want to dive into the market of high-tech products and make contacts with developers and investors. 

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