Possibly the most famous bot for learning English. It does not only send you new words and exercises - Andy can talk heart to heart, since it talks to users in a natural language (he particularly likes to chat about artificial intelligence). Of course, AndyRobot can’t replace a real person to talk to but can really help aspiring polyglots to overcome shyness and to actually start using the language they are learning.

This translator bot works based on Yandex technology. It understands phrases and translates them entirely, unlike other bot-dictionaries.

Another useful bot for your Telegram contact list converts text to audio messages or sends the transcription of the words in the international phonetic alphabet in order to teach correct pronunciation. English is only one of the many languages it knows: actually, there are 84 languages programmed in its library.

This bot will teach what is not in the textbook- American slang.

A bot that can help you find open online courses and educational materials on stepik.org: from lessons for the development of rational thinking to advanced C/C++. Unfortunately, broadcasting such a program on Telegram isn’t possible – the studying itself can only be done on the browser.

Students studying "Internet technologies and programming" will definitely like this bot as it connects to Github’s repository.  It will send notifications about various events and help respond to comments. For fans of other services for code hosting and collaborative development - @Gitlab_bot and @Bitbucket_bot also have bots.

A simple bot application that can replace sticky notes on the fridge, stickers on the monitor and writings notes on your hands. You just need to tell him what you need and when you need to be reminded about it and the bot will write to you  about it in Telegram.

If a book seems really boring, and you have to read it before the end of the semester, this bot will help: every day at an appointed time it will send little excerpts from the book right in your messenger. If a passage seems too short, you can always click "More". The bot only deals with books in epub format and can’t work off images yet.

Read "Wikipedia" in your favorite messenger. No comments.

The bot for working with popular time management technique “Pomodor” which helps to retain concentration and maintain productivity. The gist of it is dividing the task into half-hour blocks: after every 25 minutes of work without distraction you get 5 minutes of rest. It really helps if cat videos distract you from writing your thesis.

You can read more about the phenomena of chatbots and reasons behind their popularity here.