Aleksei Dukxanov, associate professor at the High-Performance Computing Department.

I enrolled to the new educational program “Applied Mathematics and Physics” at State University of Vladimir. We started our studying at the first day of academic year, on September 1. Our professors came to Vladimir from Lomonsov Moscow State University. We realized this from the very beginning that it would be very unreasonable to miss classes as the books needed for preparing for exams were extremely hard to find. The requirements for students were very strict. I was offered to become a head boy – everybody voted for me because nobody wanted to take extra responsibilities.

On September 1 I became not only a freshman, but also a lab researcher. Having gained some experience during the so-called preparatory student internship I came to the dean and asked to give me a part-time position. The dean was shocked by my self-confidence, which was too extensive but in the end I was hired.

At the end of the day after all the classes we met with the head of the department. He talked us about the Department, about our program, noted in advance that our studying wouldn’t be classical than apologized for potential problems caused by the new program, as we were its’ pioneers. He also added that we could take part in research activities from the very beginning of the program. It was a very warm and fruitful meeting.

Nina Yanykina, Head of the Project Management and Innovation Department.

The impressions from the first day at university were much less vivid than the emotions related to the forthcoming student life but anyway it was also significant.

The first reaction was “hurrah!” It was a challenge to be enrolled in the Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg State University. However our optimism had disappeared very soon. Ivan Boiko, the dean, warned us at the meeting with freshmen that it is better to receive a diploma without honors but save our health rather than go all out and feel completely worn-out. We understood the meaning of his words in half a year when passed our first exams. Even less than a half of students managed to receive at least “C” for an exam led by the dean.

At a meeting with Sergei Valdaitsev, the head of the Department of R&D Economics we learned two important things: we are given not only knowledge, but also self-learning skills such as looking for new information and analyzing. And second one was that our department is our second home at the university. He proved his words many times by giving his support. Sergei Valdaitsev also became my research supervisor.

The most important feeling of any freshman, and I was not an exception, is understanding that one has a lot of opportunities. One just has to choose a direction and follow his own way.

Anton Pyrkyn, the Dean of Department of Control Systems and Industrial Robotics

On September 1 I became an ITMO University student. The moment I will never forget was the day of applying documents.  I wanted to apply to Computer Technologies and Controls Faculty. However I didn’t know that it was required to pass the math exam. And I realized it the day before! I decided to try. I vividly remember 20 difficult tasks and only an hour to solve them. These 60 minutes flew very fast. I did my best and solved all of them but only 19 were right. It was enough to be enrolled. However I didn’t understand that and started arguing with the examination board and insisted on review of the results. I was really nervous being ready to fight for each point. The dean office’s staff still remembers this funny occasion. I am happy that I committed myself to this unique university. I recommend all newcomers to fight to a finish and never give up.

Marianna Chistyakova, the Head of the Strategic Development Department.

I studied philosophy and sociology at Udmurt State University. My student life started before the 1st of September, on August when we had the obligatory community service: we moped floors, colored walls and did other things. 

Back then I met my classmates and my future friend. Furthermore, I started working as a sociologist before the beginning of the academic year. My peers and I took part in a phone survey as volunteers. It was a very remarkable job. So when we came to the university we knew each other well. I remember how excited I was staying in front of the tablet with the name of my faculty as I realized how many potentials ways I can follow in my future.  After the official part we gathered with other freshmen in a park, sang songs, played the guitar and had a BBQ party. This was the first day of a new life for us.

Daria Kozlova, the Vice Rector for International Relations.

On my first day I met with Stanislav Uchitel, a head boy of my student group who finally became my friend and also a business partner. Thanks to this friendship we launched a joint project together with Faberge Museum. I called Stanislav who worked there to share the idea of super realistic optoclones of Fabergé eggs. made by  professor Sergei Stafeev and Alkis Lembessis. Pay attention to your peers – most of them might become not only your friends, but also partners.