Use the services of recruitment agencies and online recruiting platforms

Candidates seem to underestimate them. However they can use these services for free, as only employers pay for publishing announcements.

Leave multipage word files with detailed description of your competencies. Use online platforms (HeadHunter,, Futuretoday, and fill in their application forms. Give clear information about your employment history, desired position and salary, soft and hard skills. Avoid vague explanations — don’t use such words as "manager" and "trainee" in general sense. The CV is not an essay where you put all of your soaring thoughts.

You are too creative to be limited by strict rules

You can write a new CV for each company. In this case, you don’t have to use typical CV templates. These days, there are samples of CVs based on information graphics. Remember that a CV has to fit into a page — a recruitment officer spends only 10 seconds for reading one CV.

Video CVs are becoming popular, as well. It has yet to become a trend in Russia, but you can use this opportunity to show your creativity. However, as with all other types of CV, know where to draw the line.

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A graduate without any experience…

…evokes suspicion. Even if you have experience in fields that don’t correlate with your background, the experience in your field is still necessary. You should add the information on the hands-on projects you participated in during your studies.

Voluntary internships rule

Many students and novice candidates don’t like this type of internships. However, major companies offer lots of positions — they are ready to spend three months to decide whether a candidate can cope with it or not.

Usually candidates dislike the idea of spending their efforts and skills and getting nothing back. To not be misled, learn as much about a company as it possible — its field, corporate policy, main projects, check the recent news. Also, read about its competitors. Monitor other positions offered by this company so as to know what salaries it offers. And don’t forget to decide whether this position is worthy of you!

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Work on self-presentation

Thinking on your feet is risky. Make a list of your strong points and try to talk about weak spots in a positive way. Your presentation has to take 2 minutes maximum. Don’t be late and remember about dress code.

Mind your Web-presence

It is not a secret that HR specialists can gain the information about an applicant on social networks. Everything you do online can affect your image.

Surf "Career" sections on companies' websites

To publish job ads on online platforms, companies pay a lot. Some organizations just cannot afford it. However, they put such information on their websites.

Career brakes are bad signs

If you have one or several breaks, the employer will ask to explain why you were out from employment for this time. Sometimes, people stop working to focus on further education, but it is not widespread. So, if you find yourself unemployed, at least find a side job.

Be careful with the word "freelance." The employer will ask you what kind of job you did. Explain it in detail, but don’t make it too long a story. If you were involved in an interesting project, add its results in your portfolio.

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Emotional Intelligence is a new "must have"

Today all HR managers know that emotional Intelligence is more important that other skills. Emotional Intelligence is an ability to detect and manage your and other people’s emotions so as to reach practical purposes. It is not as easy as it may seem, so don’t boast being perfect in it — it is much better to say that you are developing this skill.

Don’t lie

Never lie, even if you are sure that you are a professional liar. The specialists need a couple of interviews to expose a liar.

Also, note that the information in your employment record book has to correlate with one you wrote in your CV. If it doesn’t, you should explain that didn’t write about some positions you had previously, as that work was out of your present field.

Invest to yourself

Any type of continuing education is a wonderful investment. Visit free trainings, look for mentors and soulmates. It can be very helpful to finding a job of your dream!