VeeRoute is a company and platform providing optimization of transport logistics in the business sector. The company was founded three years ago by the Kudinov brothers who graduated from ITMO University and St. Petersburg State University. In its short existence, the startup managed to attract investors and corporate clients. As of now, VeeRoute collaborates with MVideo, Novardis, EMS Russian Post, SAP and other leaders of Russian and international markets.

For its activities VeeRoute uses several types of data: statistical and latest information about traffic jams, delivery periods and so forth. The automated systems determine the most relevant routes for drivers and assist traffic controllers. Thanks to such a system the clients always know for sure when the goods will be delivered. Furthermore, using them, companies can cut expenses due to delivery schedule planning. Now, the developers work on an upgraded version of the platform.

VeeRoute plans to use this investment to extend the functionality of the system and upgrade its marketing activities.

“In the nearest future we plan to develop a new version of the platform, implement several large projects in collaboration with corporate clients and look for new developers for our team,” shared Igor Kudinov, co-head of VeeRoute.

According to Mr. Kudinov, the next version of the platform will include new technologies. Firstly, the developers focus on the internet of things – it will give an opportunity to read, process exchange information using various detectors. Secondly, they plan to use artificial intelligence (AI) so as to computerize the decision making process.