Nemoskva (More Than Moscow) exhibition

  • August 8 – October 15, 11 am to 9 pm
  • The Manege Central Exhibition Hall
  • 150 rubles (purchase them for a specific time slot here; use the promo code “150” for a student discount – and don’t forget to bring your student ID)

Are you a contemporary art connoisseur always looking for new perspectives on modernity? First of all, a general tip – St. Petersburg’s Manege is typically the place to go for this kind of stuff, and now is not an exception. This exhibition is an attempt to position regional contemporary art of modern Russia in a global context. It can also be seen, as the title suggests, as a musing on regional connections in the country and a message that art is not exclusive to the capital. The curators promise to tackle the topics of mimicry, personal time, independence, and self-confidence among many others, so this will definitely be an experience full of revelations even if you are not interested in the interplay of Russian regions. A bonus – take note of the giant letter A outside of the exhibition hall, a part of the Thirty Three Characters project dedicated to the Cyrillic alphabet. 

Battle on the Neva Medieval festival

Unfortunately, time travel is yet to be invented and most of us are bound to only dream of those long-gone days and eras of the past without the slightest chance of ever visiting them. Why most of us, you ask? Well, this weekend every amateur knight and lady will be able to transport to a Medieval village that will spawn right in one of St. Petersburg’s many parks. Live music, jousting tournaments, sword fights – all of that and even more will be ready to take you in this whirlwind of a weekend, giving you the chance to experience another life. 

Coffee&Jazz festival in Pavlovsk

A wonderful opportunity to pay a visit to Pavlovsk – a city with a beautiful palace and a wide park to explore, if you haven’t done so yet. This weekend, you will get to stroll through the park and transition between various styles of jazz – from classic to wind bands, with multiple opportunities to swing and dance if your heart so desires. Naturally, you will also have many an opportunity to sip your favorite cappuccino at one of the mobile coffee shops surrounding the stages and dancefloors. It might be our last chance of the season to enjoy the outdoors, so let’s do it in style, shall we?

Tour of Informal St. Petersburg 

If you have already seen the “typical” tourist St. Petersburg – strolled down Nevsky, admired Palace Square and even ventured inside the Hermitage, then it is high time to experience the city on the inside and get to know it like a local. You will get inside the famous парадные (lobbies of apartment buildings), experience the old “well-courtyards”, and have a chance to learn more about the city’s story. Attention – the tour is sadly only offered in Russian, so you can either take a Russian-speaking friend with you, take the challenge of practicing your language skills, or maybe, if that suits you, join in for the views.