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  • Academic Mobility: Studying Biotechnology at Sup Biotech Paris

    Aleksandra Predeina, Alena Moiseenko and Elena Panasuk, students at ITMO’s Faculty of Food Biotechnologies and Engineering, spent the last semester at Sup’Biotech Paris - a French private school that focuses on training specialists in different fields of biotechnology, from aesthetic medicine to pharmaceutics and agricultural production. In the course of several months, not only did they get to familiarize themselves with new fields, but develop several projects, as well. For instance, they’ve proposed the concept of protective gear for sportsmen and come up with a solution for the food crisis we’ll be facing in 2050 when Earth’s population will amount to 9 billion. In an interview for ITMO news, they talked about the peculiarities of studying and living in France.


  • Double Degree Programs in Iceland: Recent Participants Share

    Sergei Vlasov and Sergei Lyashko, graduates of ITMO’s Department of Advanced Mathematics, spent three years at the University of Iceland, where they studied magnetic nanosystems. The young scientists spoke to us about their research and the peculiarities of living in Iceland.


  • From A Double Degree Program To A PhD In France: Student Shares

    In 2014-2016, Uliana Pinaeva was studying Molecular Bio- and Nanophotonics (MONABIPHOT), a double degree program conducted by ITMO University and ENS de Cachan (France). During her time in France, she decided to continue her education as a PhD student abroad. To get a corresponding grant, she passed a three-stage selection conducted by the University of Paris-Saclay. Currently, Uliana is a second-year PhD student working in a laboratory at École Polytechnique - one of the most prestigious universities in France. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, she gave advice on developing one’s career on an international level and getting funding for studying in France.


  • First Graduates of ITMO and University of Rostock Double Degree Program Receive Diplomas

    On November 7, the first four graduates of the joint double-degree Master’s program between ITMO University and the University of Rostock “Business Information Systems” received their diplomas. Present at the ceremony were Kurt Sandkuhl, program co-lead, Vladimir Parfenov, head of ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, Ekaterina Tulugurova, head of International Educational Programs Department, and the program’s professors.


  • Exchange Programs: General Advice and Life-Hacks From Recent Participants

    Every ITMO student has the opportunity to participate in international exchange programs; in essence, all you have to do is make up your mind, choose a program, and put together the necessary paperwork. In this article by ITMO.NEWS, the International Educational Programs Department and some of the recent exchange students share their advice and experience.


  • Semester Abroad in Russia: Lifetime of Memories

    Study abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences in the life of a young person. You get to learn about a different culture, open your mind to a new reality, and get to know yourself in an entirely new way. I never took the opportunity to participate in an international exchange program in university, but I took a gap year after high school which I spent travelling and volunteering, and that experience set the tone for the rest of my life. With another semester starting at ITMO, we’re going to share with you some of the experiences of last semester’s exchange students!


  • Student Life on the French Riviera: ITMO Exchange Experience

    For her final semester Elena Kuznetzova, a graduate of ITMO University’s Department of Customs and Logistics, went to study in the city of Montpellier, on the coast of France. Back from her trip, she spoke with us about why everyone should try studying abroad, the difference between French and Russian education and the importance of leaving one’s comfort zone.


  • Relocation Tips: Getting Your Cell Phone in Russia

    You don’t have to pay exuberant roaming fees when you move to St. Petersburg. There’re lots of local options to choose from. Here’s what you need to know to get connected quickly


  • Relocation Tips: Getting Your Visa and Registration in Russia

    Almost all foreign citizens need a visa to enter the Russian Federation, and the type of visa depends on their purpose of entry and the length of their stay in Russia. ITMO’s International Office helps international students and employees with the entire process and with all the necessary paperwork. Here’s what you need to know to have a general understanding of the process and to stay legal while you’re here.


  • ITMO’s Russian Language Summer School: Gaining New Experiences

    ITMO’s Russian language and culture summer school kicked off in St. Petersburg in mid-July and is coming to an end today with about 20 students participating from 8 countries in three different language levels. The summer school attracts university students currently studying the Russian language, as well as students of Russian origin, future students wanting to enroll in the University and simply those interested in Russian language and culture.