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  • ITMO Students' Startup Lets Gamers Play With Top E-Sports Players

    Research by Mail.Ru Group shows that nearly every second Internet user in Russia plays online games. Last year, the Ministry of Sport placed e-sports on par with traditional sports such as football or basketball. Tony Estanguet, member of the International Olympic Committee, recently said that e-sports may well be included into the 2024 Olympics program. On the wave of e-sports’ growing popularity, ITMO Master’s students Nikolai Golos and Ivan Bormotkin launched their new project Funbo at the university’s Future Technologies accelerator. Funbo allows any gamer to play with professional cyber-athletes - an opportunity that few gamers ever had before. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, Nikolai shared about the novel project


  • Videogames and Violence: the Pro’s and Con’s of Gaming

    The problem of violent video games, whether there is anything good about them, or do they turn kids into potential maniacs, has been around for many years already. Yet, scientific research on the subject shows that expecting a yes/no answer to it is totally wrong: one has to consider individual traits of every person. The point is, violent video games have a different effect on different people. Read more on the subject in our article.