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  • Deja Vu or the Ascent of New Ethics…

    This all happened a while ago, sometime in the early 2000s. On the tram, I heard two young men talking about their buddy who had just placed second in a gaming championship in the US. The game, I believe, was Quake, which is believed to have given the start to the term "esports." I introduced myself to these gentlemen and asked them for the contact details of their victorious friend, which they kindly shared.


  • Phys. Ed at University: Endless Opportunities

    Many people believe that physical education as a subject in schools and universities is pointless. For some people, it's just about inexperienced coaches who don't know the rules of the game, old sports equipment and wasted time that could have been spent studying! But now I want to tell you that at ITMO, this is all in the past.


  • Kronbars eSports at ITMO

    The current situation regarding the recent virus outbreak has created many inconveniences in our daily life: it is not safe to use public transport, visit crowded places such as universities, or go outside in general. Working and getting an education from home is the new universal trend, so we at Kronbars eSports decided to develop a distance learning system directed at teaching people to play eSports. Inspired by it, I decided to write a blog about the student eSports scene that we currently have.