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  • Laeneco Founder Ilya Skorobogatov: How to Take the Japanese Market by Storm

    This February, the team behind the telemedical healthcare startup Laeneco won a pitch session organized by ITMO University’s Technopark together with Japanese business experts. This victory gave them the opportunity to bring their hi-tech device for monitoring lung conditions to Fukuoka (Japan), where they participated in the prestigious WARAKU SUMMIT. The project has already made its entrance on the Japanese market, having received the backing of the country’s government. ITMO.NEWS met with Laeneco’s founder Ilya Skorobogatov to find out why the Land of the Rising Sun is so receptive to telemedical services and why launching on the Japanese market is often much easier than doing the same in Europe or the US.


  • Cindicator: A Startup To Ease You Way Into Cryptocurrency Markets

    What is hybrid intelligence and how can it help us make more accurate forecasts for highly volatile markets? Is it possible to fully factor in all the risks related to cryptocurrency markets? And why are worthwhile projects so easy to miss? Three years ago, Mikhail Brusov, Yury Lobyncev, and Artyom Baranov founded Cindicator, an innovative fintech startup. Using hybrid technologies as their main tool, the company have created several products allowing for complex analytics of financial markets. Last year, Cindicator raised $15,000,000 of investments through the means of initial coin offering (ICO). Following the startup successes, its founders now plan to branch out into creating a full-fledged capital management system. ITMO.NEWS met Cindicator co-founder and ITMO graduate Artyom Baranov to learn more about the company and its key projects.