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  • Bike Ride With Rector Goes National

    Yesterday marked the seventh time when students, staff and friends of ITMO University meet with Rector Vladimir Vasilyev for a picturesque bike ride in St. Petersburg’s seaside district. This year, the baton was picked up in Vladivostok, where the international conference METANANO-2017 is currently underway. After midnight in Moscow time (7:30 AM in Vladivostok), 40 participants of the conference, including Russian and international professors, scientists and students, started the final day of the conference with an invigorating bike ride. How a tradition brings together people from the opposite ends of a continent and across all generations – all that and more in our article.


  • Travelling with the Rector

    Important meetings all year long, and a busy summer working with the admission campaign. On top of that managing a huge amount of employees and meetings with students. So when does the Rector have some time off? Megabyte decided to find out from Vladimir Vasilyev how he spends his vacation, and which one of his business trips was the most memorable.