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  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #33

    Step into the whirlwind of life at ITMO with this overview of all things science: a singular publication, a discussion of AI in education, the launch of our new admissions campaign… and much more. Keep reading to discover it all. 


  • ITMO Rector Vladimir Vasilyev: Our First Priority is Supporting Our Students

    No matter what happens, we have been, are, and will be a university. This is a place where creative and driven individuals connect with their and like-minded peers so that together they can achieve scientific breakthroughs, develop new technologies, and share their experience through communication between students and lecturers. At universities, people of different views come together to advance science and bring their ambitious ideas to life. 


  • Cold and Soaked but Happy: Participants About Bike Ride With the Rector 14.0

    Eight years ago, ITMO Rector Vladimir Vasilyev headed the first-ever ITMO bike ride, which has become a beloved tradition of all members of ITMO.Family. Twice a year, in spring and autumn, ITMO students, graduates, and staff gather at one of St. Petersburg’s parks to ride side by side with the Rector, meet new friends, and, of course, take a group photo. ITMO.NEWS talked to some of the participants of the 14th bike ride to learn what they think about the initiative and how often they ride bikes.


  • Bike Ride With the Rector 13.0: Participants Share Their Impressions

    This Wednesday, ITMO students and staff gathered at the Krestovsky Ostrov metro station for a traditional bike ride with ITMO’s Rector Vladimir Vasilyev. The relentless downpour and strong wind, which had been spoiling the mood of the city’s residents all day, did not scare the cyclists away. Among those who were not intimidated by the bad weather was also an ITMO.NEWS journalist, who joined the cyclists and talked to some of the participants.


  • Bike Ride With the Rector 12.0: Participants Share Their Impressions and Pandemic Experience

    On Tuesday evening, dozens of ITMO University students and staff met for a traditional bike ride with Rector Vladimir Vasilyev. An ITMO.NEWS journalist also joined the cyclists and talked to some of the participants.


  • 5 Questions to The Rector

    Recently, Forbes Education published an interview with Vladimir Vasilyev, Rector of ITMO University, Professor, and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences with a Doctor of Science in Engineering. Here is our translation of the original article. 


  • ITMO’s Rector Vladimir Vasilyev: Science Can’t Be Measured in Square Meters

    The recent decision of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation to offer ITMO University free use of the vacant spaces at the Institute of Silicate Chemistry on Makarova Embankment has caused a lot of discussions. ITMO.NEWS spoke to Vladimir Vasilyev, ITMO’s Rector, to get to the bottom of the matter. 


  • 10th Bike Ride with Rector: Long-Time Participants Share Favorite Routes and Experiences

    This Wednesday, students, staff, and friends of ITMO University took part in the 10th Bike Ride with ITMO’s Rector Vladimir Vasilyev. Traditionally held every spring and fall – the start and end of the biking season, – the event sees students, professors, researchers, and associates of the university ride together on a route past the picturesque locations of St. Petersburg’s Primorsky District: from the Victory Park, past the Zenit Arena stadium and Yakhtenny Bridge, and to the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg Park. ITMO.NEWS spoke to some of the event’s long-time participants to learn about their favorite experiences, the role of biking in their everyday life, and their suggestions on making the ride even better.


  • Two Cities, 200 Participants, One Ride: Bike Ride with Rector 9.0

    Yesterday marked the ninth time when ITMO’s students, teachers, staff and friends met with Rector Vladimir Vasilyev for a picturesque bike ride in St. Petersburg’s seaside district. This time, they were accompanied by the participants of the METANANO 2018 International Conference that is taking place in Sochi. This year’s ride brought together more than 200 people, including the University’s research associates, exchange students from different countries, and even 2010 Nobel Prize winner in physics Prof. Andre Geim.


  • ITMO University Rector Awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky

    According to the May 30 decree, ITMO University’s Rector and head of the Council of St. Petersburg Rectors, Vladimir Vasilyev, was awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky.