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  • ITMO Scientists Develop an Algorithm That Makes the Inference of Population History Models for People and Animals Easier and More Accurate

    Bioinformatics scientists from ITMO University have developed a software tool, which quickly and effectively analyses genome data to infer probable models of demographic history of specific species, such as plants, animals or humans. Using complex calculations, the software can suggest with a very high degree of probability the course of history of a particular group of living organisms.  This includes identification of periods with mass extinction or mass population growth and information about contacts with other populations of the same species in the past. The scientists’ article about this methodology has been published in the journal Giga Science.


  • Clarivate Analytics Expert on Why Russian Researchers Are Cited Less and Universities Aren’t Included in Innovation Rankings

    Today, sciento- and bibliometrics are very important: researchers worldwide are supposed to get published often and to check their papers’ citation index. However, experts note that bibliometrics is a sophisticated tool that needs to be applied properly in order to be actually useful for science and research. ITMO.NEWS met with Pavel Kasyanov, a scientometrics expert at Clarivate Analytics, the company that owns Web of Science, and found out why historians and physicists can’t be compared, why Russian researchers don’t get as many citations as their international colleagues, and why many experts criticize the Hirsch index.


  • ITMO University Researchers’ Work on DNA-Based Nanorobot for Cancer Diagnostics

    A group of researchers from ITMO University has come up with the concept of a new drug against cancer: a nanorobot made of DNA fragments, which can potentially be used not only to destroy cancer cells but also to locate them in the body. The research is published in Chemistry – A European Journal.  


  • Not by Scopus Alone: World’s Best Scientific Databases

    Scientific journals are an important communication tool for researchers as they allow authors to publish their findings and the society to learn about the latest advances in science and technology. Among the most dominant databases are Web of Science and Scopus, but they aren’t always available. In this material, we’ll tell you about some other Russian and international resources that can replace the aforementioned database giants.