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  • Scientists Complete Research on Ultra-Short Pulses in Resonant Mediums

    A team of researchers from ITMO University, headed by Professor Nikolai Rozanov and in collaboration with their Russian colleagues from St. Petersburg State University’s Department of Optics and German colleagues from Uwe Morgner’s Ultrafast Optics Group at Leibniz University (Hannover), has acquired valuable results on the matter of propagation of extremely short optical pulses in resonant mediums.


  • New Metamaterial-Enhanced MRI Technology Successfully Tested on Human Subjects

    Scientists from the Netherlands and Russia designed and tested a new metasurface-based technology for enhancing the local sensitivity of MRI scanners on human test subjects for the first time. The metasurface consists of thin resonant strips arranged periodically. Placed under a patient's head, it provides much higher image quality from the local brain region. The results, published in Scientific Reports, show that the use of metasurfaces can potentially reduce image acquisition time, make the procedure more comfortable for patients and acquire higher resolution images to allow diseases to be diagnosed at an earlier stage.