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  • Student Spotlight: Durhel Kibamba, Congo

    In a tale of ambition and cross-cultural exploration, Durhel, an international student from Congo, embarked on a journey to Russia in pursuit of higher education. With dreams as vast as the African savanna and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Durhel's adventure in the land of snow-capped landscapes has just begun. In this interview, he shares a lot about his homeland while shedding light on his experiences in his new home.


  • Student Spotlight: Israt Jahan, Bangladesh

    It is often said that the best things happen to you when you least expect it. Such has been the case of Israt, who ended up falling in love with information technology and robotics out of the blue! Ever since that day, she strived hard to make her way from Bangladesh to Russia and gain a good education in the field of her choice. Read on to learn more about her life-changing moment and her other experiences at ITMO.


  • Student Spotlight: Makha Karkout, Syria

    Eager to learn software engineering at one of the best universities in the world, Makha Karkout decided to travel all the way from Syria to Russia. Currently a student in ITMO’s Foundation Program, Makha will pursue a Master’s degree in software engineering come September. In today’s Student Spotlight, learn more about Makha’s native country, Syria, and her experiences in St. Petersburg.


  • Student Spotlight: Emre Can Eroglu, Turkey

    When you have a dream, the road to success appears in front of you. Such has been the story of Emre, an international student from Turkey who, driven by great ambitions, has come to ITMO to pursue his dreams. Currently a student of the Foundation Program, he will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering starting this September. St. Petersburg has lots to offer to satisfy Emre's love of history, art, and culture – and he's loving it. Read on and enjoy our amazing conversation with Emre.


  • New Online Master’s Program: ITMO & Yandex To Train High-Load Systems Developers

    Continuing their successful history of collaboration, ITMO University and the Russian tech giant Yandex are launching a new fully-online Master’s program for future high-load systems developers. Learn more in this article.


  • Student Spotlight: Destiny Ike, Nigeria

    What makes humanity beautiful? It’s neither the sophisticated gadgets that we use nor the expensive clothes that we wear. It is the uniqueness in each one of us. Diversity determines the stronghold of an institution and ITMO, over the years, has become a hub of cross-culture cooperation in St. Petersburg. Many international students like Destiny are welcomed to ITMO every year as they begin their careers. In this interview, we take a sneak peek into his life and learn more about his passion and drive. Read on!


  • Student Spotlight: Muhammad Hassan Azad, Bangladesh

    ITMO students lead by example. However difficult the road might seem, they don’t give up! The dream of studying abroad was not an easy one to chase for Muhammad Hasan, an international student from Bangladesh, but quitting was never an option. Eventually, he made it to ITMO to study software engineering and fulfill his wish of becoming a developer. But why Russia? How did he come across ITMO? Read on to find out.


  • ITMO Launches Open-Source Mentorship Program

    ITMO’s Research Center “Strong AI in Industry” has launched an open-source mentorship program that will allow students to work at the university, helping research groups develop open-source frameworks and libraries. Read on to learn about the program’s perks.


  • Student Spotlight: Istahad Chowdhury, Bangladesh

    For many of our international students, coming to ITMO is their first-ever international trip. Such is the case for Istahad, who came here from Bangladesh. In this interview, we take a deep dive into his new life in St. Petersburg and learn about his many experiences: from dealing with Russian customs control to visiting the outdoor camp at Yagodnoe. 


  • ITMO Named Best Russian University in Training IT Professionals

    This was revealed in the results of the ranking compiled by Russoft, an association of Russian software developers, based on a survey among IT companies who consider universities as suppliers of trained professionals. A total of 147 universities were included in the ranking.