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  • DemoDay: Projects from MIT Global Startup Labs and SumIT Startup School

    The SumIT Startup School and the MIT Global Startup Labs acceleration programs have both come to a close at ITMO University. Young entrepreneurs from Russia and South Korea have received feedback from an expert board of staff from MIT and ITMO University’s business incubator. Their ideas were presented to potential investors during the DemoDay closing event on August 10.


  • ITMO University and NSU - New Collaborations for the National Technology Initiative

    ITMO and Novosibirsk State University initiated a collaboration agreement for a period of five years to enhance the development  of quantum technologies, innovative entrepreneurship and realization of the National Technology Initiative in Russia's regions.


  • ITMO and South Korea Launch SumIT Startup School

    On July 31, ITMO University’s business incubator launched the International SumIT Summer School. This year the acceleration program will welcome young entrepreneurs from South Korea. Three startups, each supervised by a Russian mentor, will work and study here for two weeks. ITMO.NEWS explains what sort of a program the business incubator has prepared for its Korean colleagues and what projects they have brought with them.


  • MIT Global Startup Labs: Coming Soon to Your Smartphone

    The eight-week MIT Global Startup Labs program, organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was launched in June at ITMO University’s business incubator. 29 students and graduates from St. Petersburg, Moscow and Irkutsk, supervised by mentors from MIT and Sloan School of Management, are given two months to assemble a team, present a prototype of a new mobile application and to develop its marketing strategy. In August the participants will present final prototypes to potential investors. ITMO.NEWS describes the apps that very soon might be a part of your mobile experience.


  • MIT Experts on Russian Entrepreneurship

    MIT Global Startup Labs program started off in the Business Incubator of ITMO University in June. The program goes on for eight weeks and is organized by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Starting from the year 2000, a similar MIT GSL program has been carried out in 14 countries, altogether 59 times. This summer marks the first time that the program is conducted in Russia. The goal for the students from St. Petersburg, Moscow and Irkutsk is to gather their teams and to come up with a prototype for a mobile application and a marketing strategy with the help of curators from MIT and Sloan School of Management.


  • ITMO and Partners Launch Women’s Acceleration Program Girls4Tech

    On June 30 the Girls4Tech project school for female programmers, engineers and entrepreneurs was launched in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The school is organized by ITMO University, Moscow Polytechnic University and the Moscow office of international accelerator NUMA. In the next three months, the school’s participants, aided by mentors, will develop their soft and hard skills as part of a tailor-made educational program that includes lectures on innovation marketing and project management, programming classes, prototyping at FabLab, case solving, business games and various other activities.


  • ITMO's FutureTechnologies Accelerator - New Projects

    The fourth selection round of startups for ITMO's FutureTechnologies accelerator ended in choosing 16 of the best IT, science-driven and hardware projects.  With each year, the accelerator’s range of projects widens. At first, there was a separate program for IT projects, and only hardware projects were included. Last year, all of the business accelerator's programs were united under the FutureTechnologies ITMO brand. Let's take a look at how the program changed and what startups were chosen this time.


  • Algorithms Fighting Hazards: the Soter Analytics Startup

    Last year, founders of the Soter Analytics Company started to work on a system that will allow to decrease the occurrence of occupational injuries, be that in offices or in mines, where a single wrong move may cost the worker his life. Their prototype has already been tested in the harsh conditions of an Australian desert. In only a year, Soter Analytics succeeded in becoming a partner of one of Australia's largest mining companies and getting 20,000 Euros from the Startup Wise Guys accelerator, and is now set on getting 500,000 more from different companies throughout the world. ITMO.NEWS learned what working in the desert is like, and how artificial intelligence can make manual labor safer. 


  • Startups from an Ice-Hole:

    Oulu, a small town in the north of Finland, recently hosted the Polar Bear Pitching contest for innovative startups. The contest's main feature is its original format: all the developers present their projects while standing waist-deep in an ice-hole. This was the fourth time that the contest was held in Oulu; it has already attracted the attention of foreign startupers, so the project's geography constantly grows. This year, participants from ITMO University participated in the contest, as well.


  • Reviving Glass Production: GUTTE Project from the Future Technologies Accelerator

    Once key to producing many luxury items and an ardently protected trade secret (Middle Age's Venice had death penalty for attempting to steal it), glassblowing is now a skill anyone can learn. What's more, with the new invention by GUTTE project, becoming a glass manufacturer is no longer as hard it may seem! Tamara Kovaleva, the project's head, shared about how glassblowing works, and the solutions her team has invented.