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  • Emotional AI Helps Enhance Productivity and Fight Stress

    According to some studies, people are only productive for less than three hours out of an eight-hour day, and the adult human concentration span is limited to 20 minutes. Research in the field of emotional artificial intelligence (AI) may help employees enhance their productivity and manage stress, which is beneficial for employers as well. Emotional AI can be applied in many other fields like agriculture and elderly care, noted Vitaly Zubchenko, a member of the NeuroNet company Expert Board. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, he expanded on how emotional AI is developed and what business solutions work best for this field.


  • Children Develop Robots at ITMO.KIDS Technopark

    15 school children attended the first summer school organized by ITMO.KIDS, a technopark for children at ITMO University. Over the course of a week, they made presentations and learned the basics of 3D modeling, robotics, project management, and design. For many of them, this was the first time they tried their hand at soldering and working with high-precision equipment. Lectures and workshops were conducted by ITMO staff and students. The participants worked on three projects designed to facilitate human activities in various fields, from animal feeding and drawing to uranium mining. As the event came to an end, participants presented their projects to the jury.


  • ITMO Students Perform Karl Capek's R.U.R. on Stage

    On May 18, a premiere performance of “Rossum’s Universal Robots” was staged in English by the Foreign Languages Training Center at ITMO University. The play was directed by Valentina Diulger with the script adapted by Alexandra Nikitina.. Students from both ITMO University and the Higher School of Economics acted in the play. It was attended by students and lecturers, friends and relatives of the actors and participants of IEEE ICPS 2018 conference.   


  • ITMO University Partners Up With TRA Robotics

    In mid-October, a project by Ivan Borisov, Oleg Borisov, Vladislav Gromov and under the supervision of Sergei Kolubin won the pitch session of Robotics & AI program which took place at Moscow’s Phystechpark as part of the annual GoTech forum. The PhD students presented a multipurpose gripping unit that remedies the key weaknesses ofexisting industrial robots and bested 80 other applicants with it. The British company TRA Robotics, a partner of the forum, got interested in the project and entered an agreement on a pilot project with ITMO University. Recently, the company and the university entered a new, long-term collaboration agreement.


  • Seldon the Robot Takes Second Place at RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2017

    Fiery-haired robot Seldon, our own YouTube sensation, took home a silver at the RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2017 international competition in Thailand. In the “On Stage” category he took second place among young robot developers. Other Russian teams were also successful during the competition. A team from Ekaterinburg took first place in one of the categories, and  5 teams from Tomsk Oblast were also among the winners. 


  • Tournament of Two Capitals: Schoolkids Show Off Robotics Skills at Regionals

    The regional qualifying stage of the "Tournament of the Two Capitals", a robotics competition for schoolchildren, took place in St. Petersburg on November 26. More than a hundred teams built autonomous robots, which raced on a “highway”, built bridges, balanced on a swing and played "King of the Hill". On the same day, a regional qualifying stage of T2C was also held in Moscow. Teams that showed the best results in both cities will meet in mid-December at the tournament’s finals at ITMO University.


  • Seldon the Robot's Rise to Fame

    Seldon the Robot, whose masterful rendition of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" has captivated the audiences of multiple robotics competitions, has spent a day in a new role - that of a civil servant. Dressed in a white shirt, a jacket and tie, he went to a meeting with the Governor of Leningrad Oblast Alexander Drozdenko and Chairman of the Regional Parliament, Sergey Bebenin. On 20 October, Seldon changed the tune - instead of hit songs, he vocalized the outline for the Oblast's 2018 budget. The robot, which was built by school students at ITMO’s Robotics Center was all over the news this week and became a star on the “Evening Urgant” late-night show. The fame hasn’t gotten to its head, as Igor Lositsky, the project’s supervisor noted.


  • Up in the Air: Are Flying Taxis the Future of Mass Transit?

    The growth of cities, increased density of their population and the transportation issues that result from it are making car manufacturers look to the sky for solutions. The first prototypes of flying taxis, as well as personal or public transportation are already being made. ITMO.NEWS takes a look at the existing models and asks experts: how realistic are these projects?


  • Forester Soon to Hit the World Robot Olympiad in Costa Rica

    ITMO University’s high school students’ robotics team has made it into World Robot Olympiad, which will be held in November in Costa Rica. The main theme of this year's competition is sustainability, creating sustainabots that can change our world without affecting it, integrating environmental, social and economic aspects. So, the special team trained at ITMO will show the world their Forester robot, which can automatically monitor the environmental status of forests. In addition to "Forester", three more Russian robots will go to Costa Rica.


  • Voice Control Technologies: Machines That Really Listen

    ​With each passing year, electronic devices become more and more like our companions, not just items we make use of. For instance, it was not long ago that the media covered the new Japanese invention - a fridge that can literally come to its master after hearing a voice command. The novelty was demonstrated by Panasonic at the IFA 2017 consumer electronics and home appliances exhibition in Berlin and has become the most salient discussion topic at the event. As of now, speech recognition technologies are widely applied in control functions of various devices; ITMO.NEWS decided to remind you of those that have been introduced in 2017.