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  • How to Change the World Through Cooking

    The “Edible Science” course has recently began its second run at ITMO University, authored by chef, TV host and entrepreneur Ilya Litvyak. Even though the course is already in progress, new students can join at any time. Each Sunday, they come together to participate in the chef’s culinary experiments and learn a few tricks for themselves. However, Litvyak doesn’t limit the course to just cooking: at the workshops, the chef explains why it is necessary to approach food from a scientific point of view, what skills are crucial and how to learn to improve one’s engineering way of thinking. The students are in for some discoveries: not many are aware that these days, scientists and world-class chefs are working together on such matters as nutrition for cancer patients or age-appropriate food.


  • Great Prospects, Great Expectations: European XFEL Inaugurated

    On September 1st, the world’s most powerful X-Ray Laser XFEL was officially inaugurated. The set-up provides completely new insights into chemical and biological reactions and other physical processes on a nanoscale, and can even record them as “molecular movies”; thanks to this, scientists will have the opportunity to study processes that cannot be detected otherwise. Among other famous guests, ITMO’s Rector Vladimir Vasilyev and Vice-Rector for International Relations Daria Kozlova took part in the opening ceremony.


  • DemoDay: Projects from MIT Global Startup Labs and SumIT Startup School

    The SumIT Startup School and the MIT Global Startup Labs acceleration programs have both come to a close at ITMO University. Young entrepreneurs from Russia and South Korea have received feedback from an expert board of staff from MIT and ITMO University’s business incubator. Their ideas were presented to potential investors during the DemoDay closing event on August 10.


  • Forming Bonds: Visiting Scientists on Chemistry Research and Working Abroad

    Two young extraordinary scientists with extensive international experience – a chemist and a materials science engineer – came to ITMO to conduct research for a few months. They currently work in the Hey-Hawkins Group at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry at Leipzig University. Sara Durini is a postdoc from Italy and Rafaella Precker is a Ph.D. student from Brazil. They both took part in research at the Solutions Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies (SCAMT) Laboratory at ITMO. The international news portal had an exclusive interview with them to learn more about their research.


  • Erasmus+: How To Effectively Collaborate With European Universities

    Erasmus+ is a EU program with a budget of more than two billion dollars, which focuses on supporting both individual students and researchers as well as whole universities, research centers and technological companies. Maria Sigutina, ITMO's representative in Brussels, shared about such subjects and how one starts collaborating with European universities, prepares the necessary documents and what can help make a collaboration more effective. We also added information about the most successful and interesting projects that are already being conducted.