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  • KronBars Student Sports Club Wins 10 Million Rubles to Promote Sports in St. Petersburg

    ITMO’s KronBars student sports club has secured the second place in the Ministry of Sport-run national competition for best organization of sports activities on the university level. The club plans to use its 10-million-ruble grant to implement the University of Sport project: to organize events and competitions, start a running community, and update the pool of sports equipment at ITMO. 


  • From Slopes to Ice: Exploring Winter Sports at ITMO

    What shall you do when Russian winter knocks on the door? Get outside and try some winter activities! To help you with that, we reached out to KronBars student sports clubs to learn more about unique winter sports available at the university, from beginner-friendly to professional-level ones. What equipment do you need? What are the top locations? Here are their insights on training at ITMO and beyond.


  • ITMO’s 17th Bike Ride With the Rector Doubles Down on Healthiness

    Twice a year (in May and September), members of the ITMO.Family come together for the traditional Bike Ride with the Rector. This year, the cyclists, who took a slightly modified route through Primorsky Victory Park and over Yakhtenniy Bridge, could also opt to participate in the ITMO Pulse study, a part of the university’s larger project be healthy. ITMO.NEWS talked to some of the participants to learn how they stay healthy and fit.


  • St. Petersburg’s First Esports Gaming Venue Opens at ITMO

    KronBars Arena is a state-of-the-art e-gaming location with powerful desktops, last-gen consoles, and a recording studio where prospective and current students, as well as employees, from ITMO and other universities can record podcasts and streaming videos, play computer games, and participate in esports tournaments.


  • Dancing, Fencing, and Ultimate Frisbee: Get to Know Three KronBars Coaches

    For this new installment of our get-to-know series, we’ve decided to talk to several coaches from ITMO’s acclaimed KronBars student sports club. It was hard to choose just several among the over 50 sports clubs available, so we went for the sports we wanted to try: ballroom dancing, fencing, and ultimate frisbee. What’s the best way to stay in shape? Where does one look for inspiration or second wind? Find out in this interview.


  • Esports at ITMO: Join the Community and Play With Your Team

    Did you know that at ITMO’s KronBars Club, you can get your points for physical education by competing for the university as an esports athlete? We got together with Daniil Kirpichenko, the head of esports at KronBars, to ask all about this opportunity: from entry requirements for athletes to ITMO’s star players and in-house tournaments. 


  • Chess in Russia: How the National Sport Is Played at ITMO

    Why is chess so popular in Russia? Let’s take a closer look at this mindful sport as a national phenomenon and discover the modern perspective by getting to know ITMO’s Chess Club.


  • Student Spotlight: Ricardo Zambrano, Ecuador

    Coming all the way from the South American country of Ecuador, Ricardo is a first-year Bachelor’s student studying mechatronics at ITMO. He developed a strong interest in robotics while he was in school and decided to pursue it further in college. His hobbies include singing, guitar music, and photo editing. Read on to learn more about this talented Latin American student and his experiences here in St. Petersburg since his arrival in September 2021.


  • Best Practices and Innovative Projects: Recap of National Student Sports Forum at ITMO University

    On December 2-4, ITMO University hosted the VIII National Forum devoted to the topical issues of further development of student sports in Russia. The opening speech was delivered by Grigory Gurov, the deputy minister of Science and Higher Education. The conference brought together the representatives of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Russian Student Sports Union, the Association of Russian Student Sports Clubs, and rectors of various Russian universities to discuss the county’s priorities in student sports and ways to develop student sports leagues and clubs. Here are the highlights from the meeting.


  • Meet the Winners of ITMO’s First KRONBARS.STARS Sports Scholarship Contest

    This year marked the first KRONBARS.STARS sports scholarship contest for students with unique sports achievements. This time, there are eight winners who got to enroll at the university with minimal Unified State Exam (USE) scores thanks to their successes in basketball, futsal, and rowing. Read on to learn more about ITMO’s new sports stars and their plans for the future.