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  • New Semester: Thoughts, Opinions, and Expectations of ITMO Family

    It’s always exciting when a new academic year begins. However, this time, the anticipation is even higher, as ITMO University will function in an unusual hybrid format. We asked our students and staff members to describe their thoughts on the coming semester.


  • New Academic Year: Resources to Get Ready

    Welcome to a decidedly different, but nevertheless exciting new academic year! As you probably know, it’s kicking off in a blended format – both online and in-person. Whether you’re in St. Petersburg or learning from home, here’re some resources to help you get off to a great start:


  • New Academic Year Begins at ITMO: What to Expect (Pt. II)

    The new academic year at ITMO University begins on September 1, 2020. Classes will take place in the blended format – both on-site and via remote technologies. What is distance learning? How can you opt for it? The university’s Department of Academic Affairs has prepared answers to questions commonly asked by students and staff. Find the first part of this article here.


  • New Academic Year Begins at ITMO: What to Expect (Part I)

    The academic year at ITMO University starts on September 1, 2020. How will studies take place? Will I need to come to the university? When will I get the class schedule? Answers to these and other questions from students are available in this article. Find Part II of this article here.